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Disclaimer: The Alaska Covid Travel Regulations are Continually Changing.

This information in this blog is current as of 7/26/20.  Please see the Alaska Covid Travel Website for the latest information.

On June 5th, 2020 the 14 Day Alaska Quarantine was lifted.  Still unable to travel to the outlying villages, the 2020 United Women on the Fly Alaska Women’s Adventure changed lodges from Alaska West to Rapids Camp Lodge in Bristol Bay Alaska with Deneki.

As with all things Covid, be prepared for change.  I thought I was 100% prepared when I arrived to Alaska but the process literally changed while I was in flight into Anchorage.  Here’s what I’ve learned about traveling to Anchorage Alaska during Covid in the summer of 2020.

As with all things Covid, be prepared for change.

Alaska Travel Covid Checklist

Go to the Alaska Covid Travel Website for the latest information.

#1 – Roll with the Punches

Take a deep breath and be prepared for changes. Give yourself time to go through the covid screening line before you can get your luggage at baggage claim.  It took me approximately 45 minutes from departing the plane, getting screened and picking up my luggage.

#2 – Don’t Forget Your Mask

It’s now required on all airlines and airports to wear a mask while on the plane, airports indoor spaces and/or anywhere you’re unable to socially distance.

# 3 – Schedule a Covid Test Before You Leave

If you’re coming to Alaska this summer, you need to get a COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to your departure so you don’t have to self-quarantine.

I ended up using the Home-Collection kit from Pixel system from LabCorp.  In order to get my test, I had to mark that I’ve been exposed to Covid.  Working at the hospital there’s definitely a chance that I’ve been exposed but also just going to the grocery store, there’s a chance of exposure.

If using Pixel System, then you have to order and return the test within 7 days.  My flight left on Thursday so I took and shipped my test on Monday to have the test within the 72hrs.  Due to the increase for tests, the results took 4 days to result instead of 2-3.  I quarantined in my hotel upon arrival as my test results had not come in yet.

NOTE: There will more than likely be a cost with this test.  I entered my insurance information for my home test but am expecting to have to pay the bill.  Add an additional $100 – $200 to your travel budget for this test expense.

Testing Sites:

Home-Collection COVID Tests:

Covid Home Test

#4 – Fill Out the Online Declaration Form

Anchorage bound travelers should fill out the Mandatory Declaration Form at  If traveling anywhere other than Anchorage, fill out and print your Declaration Form.   Declaration Form.

By filling out the online form and having your QR code, you’ll be able to go into the faster screening line.

App Kelvin Care

#5 – Screen Shot or Print your  Online Declaration Form with the QR Code

After filling out the online form at, you will be emailed your filled out declaration form with the QR code.  Be sure to have your QR Code ready so the Anchorage Screeners can scan it.  They’ll scan your QR code, ask you screening questions and you’ll be on your way!

AK Covid Lines

#6 – Understand the Quarantine Rules

DISCLAIMER: These rules were as of July 26th, 2020. Please see the Alaska Covid Travel Website for the latest information.

Travelers who have pre-tested in these windows do not need to have results by arrival, but must quarantine until they receive and submit their results.

#7 – Quarantine Address

Because I took my test within 72hrs of arrival into Anchorage but was still waiting for my results, I quarantine at the hotel upon arrival into Anchorage.  I was confused at what address I needed to use for my quarantine address.  Here’s what I found on the Alaska Covid website to help answer this question.  Again this information is valid on 7/26/20.  Please check the Alaska Covid website for more informaiton.

I have a trip with layovers, different methods of transportation, or stops. Do I have to quarantine for 14 days at each stop?

Transient accommodations, including temporary lodging at the stopover location at a hotel, is permissible. The same applies for those travelers with overnights due to weather or other extenuating circumstances on their journey home.

When travel consists of multi-segment (e.g. flight connections and layovers) or multimodal (e.g. combination of flight and driving) transportation, travelers do not need to quarantine for 14 days at every stop.

If the traveler leaves the airport or stops for a period of time longer than necessary to replenish supplies or fuel, the traveler must comply with quarantine protocols for the duration of the stop or absence from the airport.

The traveler does not need to submit a Declaration Form for every such stop during the trip.  Travelers should state the final destination, not intermediary destinations.

Travelers should state the final destination, not intermediary destinations.

# 8  – Email Your Negative Results

Email your negative results document (pdf or screenshot) to when your test have resulted.

Covid Not Detected

#9 – Enjoy Your Trip Responsibly and Catch Some Fish

Travel responsibly, wear a mask and have the least amount of interaction with small communities.  We flew out on a chartered flight, all wearing masks and only spent time at the lodge or outdoors. We had no interaction with the small community of King Salmon.  Yes the regulations took some wading through, but I’ll happily comply if it keeps everyone safe and honestly knowing that the lodge was Covid Negative was very reassuring.  Stay Safe!
For more questions and the most current information go to the Alaska Covid Website.

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