Alaska West 2020 Fishing Adventure

Have you toyed with the idea of wanting to go fish in Alaska but afraid that you’re not skilled enough? Perhaps, you want to include your significant other on your fishing adventure but don’t have the time to help them get prepared?  Or does two handed fishing intrigue you but you don’t know where to start?

Singles, couples, friends and families welcomed!

Join Heather Hodson, founder of United Women on the Fly for 7 nights/6 days fishing the “Chosen” Kanektok River on 7/19/20 – 7/26/20 at Alaska West.  The iconic Kanektok River is well known and fabled for the opportunity to catch 5 species of Pacific Salmon as well as the ability to fish for resident Leopard Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden and Grayling. Be prepared for a week of fishing, education and fun!

Everyday there will be optional education and fly tying after dinner in the Lounge Tent.  Education will include different casting and fishing techniques specific to the Alaska Fishery.  The afternoon we arrive, Heather will help anyone who wants their fly cast fine tuned.  There can also be an on the water “Intro to Trout Spey” demo and practice.

Single anglers will be rotated with different fishing partners each day.  Heather will make every attempt to fish with a different angler each day.

The Kanektok River is famous for it’s wader-friendly gravel bars and fishing with a two-handed rod.  This is a great opportunity for those who already fish with a spey rod or for those who have interest in learning.

All guides are proficient in Spey Casting and will help throughout the week.  Single hand fishing is also extremely effective.  Most of our fishing will be focused on the Leopard Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden and Grayling fishing. 2020 is a Pink Salmon Year and you have a chance of catching a Salmon Grand Slam (Chum, Pink, Sockeye, King and Silver).

Chum – Camp Dog

This is a photo essay is what anglers can expect on the 2020 Alaska West Fishing Adventure.  Email with any questions.

These trips are so much more than a fishing adventure. Anglers of different ages, professions, backgrounds and fishing abilities come together to experience a trip of a lifetime.  It’s a scary thing to step out of their comfort zone and join other anglers.  The energy, laughter, smiles and friendships are like no other.  We came as strangers and leave UNITED as forever friends.

UWOTF Host – Heather Hodson

UWOTF Host Email  –

UWOTF Host Phone Number – (509) 999-6317

Event Dates – Arrive to Alaska West Lodge Sunday 7/19/20, fish Monday through Saturday, depart on Sunday 7/26/20.

Fishing Days – Monday July 20th  – Saturday July 25th 2020, 6 days guided fishing.

Cost – Discounted Rate of $4,950.00 per/person, plus estimated $850 charter (full retail rate is $6595).  A single angler can join at no extra cost!!  ** Guide and Camp Staff Tips are NOT included. **. Single anglers with rotate boat partners each day.

Deposit –  50% payment on the trip price is due 14 days after receiving the invoice, final balances are due 60 days before the trip.  Contact Bryan Burke to secure registration

Cost Does Not Include – Flights to and from Anchorage Alaska. Lodging in Alaska 7/18/20. Charter Flight from Anchorage to Quinhagak $850.00. Alcohol and Alcohol Transportation Fee. Tips, Alaska Fishing License. Tips should be 10-15% of the non-discounted rate. Suggested weekly tip for all guides and camp staff is $750 – $1000.

Closest Airport – Fly in and out of Anchorage Alaska.  We will all fly to Quinhagak Alaska together in a chartered plane.

Tentative Daily Schedule – A typical day starts at 7:00 AM with a buffet-style breakfast. At this time fixings are put out for you to build yourself a custom-made lunch. You’ll meet your guides at the boats at 8am.  You’ll fish from 8am to 6pm.  That’s 10hrs of incredible fishing!!  Appetizers are at 6:30pm and dinner is served at 7:30pm.

Alaska West operates a fixed base tent lodge located in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, 5 miles upriver from the Alaska Native village of Quinhagak, on the banks of the Kanektok River in far western Alaska along the coast of the Bering Sea. It takes half a day travel from Anchorage to arrive to the lodge.  We’ll take two planes to Quinhagak, hop on a bus to the boats, then take a 30-45 minute boat ride to the lodge.

New Native Friends

Location – Quinhagak is a coastal community located in the southernmost reaches of Kuskokwim Bay. It is 425 miles WSW from Anchorage, 75 miles due South of the hub village of Bethel and 190 miles WNW from Dillingham.

Air Travel –  We’ll fly together from Anchorage to Quinhagak the morning of 7/19/20.  We’ll start off on a small commercial Ravn flight to Bethel then take a smaller plane to Quinhagak.  The cost of the Charted flight from Anchorage to Quinhagak is not included in the weekly cost.

Planes, Busses and Boats – After arriving into Quinhagak we’ll board a bus and drive to the boats.  We’ll be dropped off a short distance to the ramp where you walk down to the boats.  All of your gear will be brought to the boats with a 4-wheeler.  We’ll then go two anglers to a boat and take a 30-45 minute boat ride to the lodge.

Targeted Fish Species – Leopard Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Grayling, Chum and Pink Salmon.  King Salmon still might be in the system and Coho might come in a little early.

Fishing Techniques – Single hand and double hand rods. Rainbow, Dolly’s and Grayling’s will be caught with a combination of indicator fishing with a bead, streamers and mice. Salmon can be targeted with streamers.

Boats are used in several different ways.  While fishing for salmon you might fish from the boat. Anchoring up and swinging or stripping flies can be very effective. Fishing for trout can be done from our boats as well. Both seats are removed and your guide rows you down river ‘drift boat style’ and you cast while floating. This method is a wonderful way to see the river and cover water.

While fishing from the boat is fun, most anglers also choose to fish from the wader-friendly gravel bars. This is where the jet boat shines! We can also run over very shallow water and access many small side channels that can be hiked up and fished from shore with your guide.

Leopard Rainbow Trout
Photo – Ben West
Photo – Ben West
Photo – Ben West
Dolly Varden
Photo – Trevor Covich
Photo – Trevor Covich
Chum Salmon – Photo – Ben West
Chum Salmon
Silver Salmon
King Salmon

We use both Single and Double Handed FLY FISHING TECHNIQUES. This trip will have a mix of single handed fishing with an egg pattern and indicator, streamer fishing and throwing mice. The Kinektok River Trout and Salmon are aggressive and love swung flies.

Single Hand Indicator Fishing – Walk and Wade
Two Handed Fishing with Spey Rod
Fishing from a Boat

Fishing – Two Anglers per boat. Mostly boat fishing unless requested to spey fishing. Single anglers will rotate boat partners each day.  Heather will make every attempt to fish with all anglers.

Boats – Boats are 16 to 18 foot flat-bottomed john boats and are powered by 40 HP jet outboards. Each is equipped with bow and stern anchors, two swivel seats and life jackets. A cooler is on board to store lunches and drinks.

8am Morning Meet-Up at the Boats

Fishing Equipment – Rods/Reels and all the Tackle are Provided by Alaska West.  If you prefer to bring your own, then 6-9wt single handed rods and 3-5wt Trout Spey and 5-7 Spey Rods.

See the Deneki Outdoors – Alaska West 2020 Package with detailed information about specific gear needed for each fish species.  The lodge also offers loaner gear to all guest at no charge. LINK

Tentative Itinerary – (times subject to change based on weather, fishing schedule, and guide)

A typical day starts at 7:00 AM with a buffet-style breakfast. At this time fixings are put out for you to build yourself a custom-made lunch. You’ll meet your guides at the boats at 8am.  You’ll fish from 8am to 6pm.  Appetizers are at 6:30pm and dinner is served at 7:30pm.

  • Fishing Days
    • Monday 7/20 – Saturday 7/25/20
      • Breakfast 7am
      • Meet Guide at Boats at 8am
      • Fish from 8am – 6pm
      • Appetizers 6:30pm
      • Dinner 7:30pm
Cold Breakfast Options along with Daily Eggs and Variety of Warm Options
Making Your Own Lunch with Everyone You’d Like
Fresh Fruit Options Despite the Remote Camp

Treats for an Afternoon Snack
You can Bring Salmon Home
Help #kickplastic by Brining Your own Tupperware for Lunch
Morning Coffee is a Must!!
Shorelunch Option
Prime Rib Night
Delicious Hardy Dinners

Lodge – Alaska West Lodge through Deneki Outdoors,

Lodging – Comfortable, Casual Accommodations in a Deluxe Tent Camp Lodge.  Alaska West operates a fixed base tent lodge located in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, 5 miles upriver from the Alaska Native village of Quin, on the banks of the Kanektok River in far western Alaska along the coast of the Bering Sea.

Alaska West Camp – We call it a “tent camp” because it is made up of a combination of permanent and semi-permanent structures designed to combine comfortable living, eating and lounging areas, located right on top of a phenomenal river. Most of the buildings have vinyl coverings and we call them tents.

Dining Tent – The dining tent is a spacious 24’x 60’ heated structure with wood floors and is always kept neat and clean. Our kitchen has the state of the art equipment such as gas ranges, convection oven, microwave, refrigerators and freezers.

Lounge Tent – The lounge is great place to relax after a full day of fishing. The lounge has an open wireless Wi-Fi network for the satellite internet access, telephone, satellite television and a shared computer. There is a fly tying bench and a limited supply of fly tying materials, tools and vises for guest use.

Tying Table – Anyone Can Tie in the Evenings

Drying Tent – This heated tent serves as a place to hang wet waders, coats, boots and wet rain gear.

Personalized Area for Your Waders, Boots, Jacket and other Gear

Gazebo/Viewing Deck – This split-level wood structure is located close to the dining and lounge tents and has a great river view. The bottom area is open aired and enclosed with fine mesh bug screen and is a great place to sit and enjoy the midnight sun without being bothered by bugs. Directly above is the viewing deck.

Outdoor Campfires

Showers – Camp showers have hot and cold running water with a sink basin and chair. Clean towels are provided.

Restrooms are indeed outhouses. They are cleaned daily and are strategically located near the tent- cabins.

Outhouse are Cleaned Daily
Extremely Clean

Tent Cabins/Sleeping Quarters – The sleeping quarters are 10 x 12 steel framed, vinyl covered tents. They have wooden floors, doors and screened windows and heaters. Each cabin is furnished with two single beds with full bedding, nightstand, hang-down bug net, lantern, carpeted floor and clothes hangers. The housekeeping staff will come through daily to make beds, empty trash and tidy up to ensure your new home stays neat and clean.

Sleeping Accommodations – 2 anglers per heated tent.  Each will have their own bed.

Electrical Devices – Due to our remote location, we have a limited supply of electricity. Please rely on battery-powered devices. Electricity for recharging batteries is available in our lounge tent during daytime hours.

Alcohol Policy – The village of Quinhagak is ‘dry’ meaning that it is illegal to possess alcohol within city limits. Alaska West is outside of the Quinhagak City Limits and an alcohol order is sent to Deneki Outdoors before your trip.  All alcohol is purchased in Anchorage and flown in a separate helicopter directly to the lodge.  Those who purchase alcohol will share the freight charge.  It was not that expensive.  Budget about $20 – $40 additional.

 The Alaska West Staff are Amazing and One of a Kind!!!

Additional Information – We’re all singles here so we’ll be switching up boat partners to ensure everyone gets to fish with different anglers. =) Heather will make every attempt to fish with all anglers.

DISCLAIMER – This is a Drama Free Trip. We will be getting up EARLY on our fishing days.  There are several factors to a successful day of fishing.  We cannot control the weather or fish behavior but we can control the amount of education and fun both UWOTF  provides.  United Women on the Fly trips are about education, the experience, socializing and having FUN; catching fish is the cherry on top.  Each angler will have their own bed in a shared tent.  You and another angler will share a guide each day.  We will rotate all of the guides and single anglers each day.  Assignments will be announced at dinner. Alaska West is comfortable and offers casual accommodations in a deluxe tent camp lodge.  The sleeping tents are clean, heated and the food is good.  There is wifi available in the lounge tent.  Please note that this tent camp is in REMOTE ALASKA and as wifi can be good, it can also be slow and unreliable.  The Kanektok is a remote fishing camp with incredible fishing opportunities, you won’t regret this trip!!

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