Christmas Island 2021 with UWOTF and Deschutes Anglers

Join United Women on the Fly and the Deschutes Angler Fly Shop for a women’s trip to Christmas Island in October 2021. This will be the first time that any CXI lodge has been occupied entirely by women.  This is an excellent destination for beginner saltwater fly anglers due to the sheer numbers of bonefish that are available.

These trips are so much more than a fishing adventure.  Women of different ages, professions, backgrounds and fishing abilities come together to experience a trip of a lifetime.  It’s a scary thing to step out of their comfort zone and join other women.  The energy, laughter, smiles and friendships are like no other.  We came as strangers and leave UNITED as fly sisters.

Golden Trevally

Event Hosts – Heather Hodson and Amy Randall Hazel

Hosts – Amy Hazel and Heather Hodson

Event Host Email – or

UWOTF Host Phone Number – (509) 999-6317

10/11/21 – 10/19/21

Fishing Days – Thursday 10/13/21 – Tuesday 10/19/21,  6 days guided fishing.

CXI Lodging/Fishing Weekly Cost $2990 – includes an individual guide each day for each guest, 6 days of guided fishing, seven nights double occupancy lodging (you share a cabin with one other person), all meals, and transportation to and from the Cassidy International Airport on CXI.

Deposit – 50% due now and remaining due July 2021. This trip is through Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. Deposits to be paid to Amy Hazel at  Credit Cards are accepted by angler pay ALL SERVICE FEES.

Included – Individual guide each day for each guest, 6 days of guided fishing, seven nights double occupancy lodging (you share a cabin with one other person), all meals, and transportation to and from the Cassidy International Airport on CXI.

Cost Does Not Include – Flights to and from Christmas Island through Honolulu. Lodging in Honolulu 10/11/21. Gratuities, alcoholic beverages or soda/juice at the lodge, flies, gear, trip essentials.

Travel Insurance is a must as there’s only one flight in/out of CXI a week. Runs around $180-$200.  There is only one flight in and out of Christmas Island each week.

Hawaii Information – Arrive to Honolulu on 10/11/21 or earlier.

Flights – Fly into Honolulu then take the Tuesday flight with Fuji Air to CXI. Flights to CXI only run 1x a week.

Tentative Daily Schedule – A typical day starts at 6:00 AM with a simple breakfast. At this time fixings are put out for you to build yourself a custom-made lunch.  You’ll ride the boats out to the flats and start fishing between 7:30 and 8:00 AM and you will return to the lodge around 4:00 PM.   Appetizers are at 6pm and dinner is served at 7pm.

Additional Information – We’re all singles here so we’ll be switching up boat partners to ensure everyone gets to fish with different women. =)

Christmas Island is located in the South Pacific, equal distance between Hawaii and New Zealand, sits Kiritimati Island – the largest atoll in the world known to anglers as “Christmas Island.” Not to be confused with the Territory of Australia “Christmas Island,” Kiritimati is a remote and largely-undeveloped island that is part of a long island chain that makes up the country of Kiribati.

Arrive to CXI and Go Through Immigration

Targeted Fish Species – Christmas Island is considered to be a bone fisherman’s paradise, and rightly so! Bonefish are the main target species on Christmas Island, and they are found throughout the flats and shallow waters of the atoll. This is an excellent destination for beginner saltwater fly anglers due to the sheer numbers of bonefish that are available. The average bonefish throughout the ecosystem run two to three pounds in size. Additional targeted fish species are Giant Trevally (GT), triggerfish, blue and golden trevally and Christmas Island Wrasse.  The BI-CATCH is absolutely off the charts!!!

Bone Fish
Bone Fish
The Surge Wrasse (Christmas Island Wrasse)
Giant Trevally
Titan Trigger (Mustachio Trigger)
Sweet Lips
Golden Trevally
Puffer Fish (With HUGE Teeth)
Yellow Margin Trigger (Peachface Trigger)
Blue Fin Trevally
Lagoon Trigger (Picasso Trigger)
Blue Fin Trevally
Long Fin Grouper

Fishing Techniques – Walk and Wade with single hand fly rods fishing with streamers or crustacean patterns. Four anglers per boat.  Christmas Island is 99% Walk and Wade so the boat is only there to transport you from one flat to the next.  Each angler will be dropped off on a flat with a personal guide to fish.

Fish Equipment – Rod, Reels, Tackle and Flies are the angler’s responsibility.  Rods – 8 – 12 wts. You can get away with an 8 and 10wt. Floating lines and reels to match. We have some equipment that people can borrow.  We will have a couple fly tying nights together.  These can be done either virtually or in person.  Dates and flies to be announced early 2020.


Guides – Each angler will have her very own guide for the day. All of the guides have excellent eyes and will be using those eagle eyes to spot and point out fish for you to target. The guides all speak English and are very sweet, gentle people who love a good laugh. We will rotate through the guides throughout the week so that everyone gets a chance to fish with all of these great personalities.

Boats – The Villages utilizes several very unique, locally-crafted, outrigger-style transfer boats. These boats are used to transfer anglers to the flats, where you then wade the shallows for bones, triggers, trevally, and other species. The boats are very reliable and offer anglers a fun and effective mode of transportation to and from various flats.

Walk and Wading Flats – Most of the flats are easy to wade, as the bottom consists of solid white sand. You will occasionally need to navigate some coral outcroppings, rock shelves, and deeper channels, but overall the wading is very easy. When using boats for transportation, boat drivers will pick you and your guide up at the end of your “wading lap,” which means that you will rarely need to make long walks back to the boat through waters that you have already fished.

Sleeping Accommodations – Each air-conditioned cabin will accommodate 2 anglers in individual twin beds. There are hangers and a closet in each room, a large table, a safe for valuables/passports, a small refrigerator/freezer, and a private bathroom with toilet, shower, and sink. Your room will be cleaned daily and daily laundry service is available for a small flat fee.

Each Angler Will Get Their Own Bed – The Beds Can Be Pushed Together for Couples
Towel Art – Each Day the Hospitality Ladies Surprise You with Your Clean Towels

Food – You don’t come to Christmas Island for the cuisine.  The food is simple yet good.  Appetizers (sashimi)  are served in the common area and dinner is served in the dining area.

Beer Can Be Purchased at the Lodge

CXI Residents are Absolutely Amazing
Frigate Birds, Crabs and Booby Birds

DISCLAIMER – This is a Drama Free Trip. We will be getting up EARLY on our fishing days.  Salt Water Fishing can be difficult and its highly recommended to practice casting both distance and accuracy into the wind before the trip.  There are several factors to a successful day of fishing.  We cannot control the weather or fish behavior but we can control the amount of education and fun both UWOTF and Deschutes Anglers provides.  United Women on the Fly trips are about education, the experience, socializing and having FUN; catching fish is the cherry on top.  Each angler will have their own bed in a shared room.  You will have your own guide each day. Remember – all guides are not created equal and you may prefer one over another.  We will rotate all of the guides and assign your guide each evening.  Christmas Island is not a trip for those who want 5 star lodging and meals.  The rooms are clean and air conditioned and the food is good.  We come to Christmas Island for the incredible fishing opportunities, you won’t regret this trip!!


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Thank you Heather for the great details! Sounds amazing. How many women will the trip accommodate? What is the deadline, I guess when full :)?
When booking the flight return from Honolulu do you usually book the day after you arrive back from CXI or the same day? Thank you. I’m seriously considering this trip!

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