Spey Casting – Double Spey

Spey Casting - Double Spey

Spey Fishing Week #2

Jennifer La Follette is kicking off September’s United Women on the Fly Tuesday Tip theme of Spey Fishing.  This week Jennifer is giving us a quick tip on the Double Spey Cast.  Follow Jennifer at @jjlovesbugs007.

Double Spey Cast Steps

  1. Lift Line all the Way Up
  2. Drag Your Anchor (End of Fly Line) to Your 2 o’clock
  3. Rod Tip in the Water
  4. Sweep Around to your Key Position 
  5. Shoot Your Line

If fishing a dry line and your line goes out straight, immediately start fishing the fly with the rod tip in the water to help the swing.  If line goes out crooked,  lift half the belly of the line and mend. 

3 Reasons to Mend

UWOTF Spey Casting - Double Spey - Jennifer La Follette

Meet the Author
Jennifer La Follette, West Lynn Oregon

Jennifer makes her home in Grants Pass, OR, but spends plenty of time on waterways across the west. An accomplished angler and fanatical Spey caster, Jennifer is a Royal Treatment Fly Shop ambassador and owns On the Swing Fly Fishing LLC.

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