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UWOTF Tuesday Tip Jessica Haydahl Week #1

Learn Your Camera


Jessica Haydahl is taking over the United Women on the Fly Tuesday Tips for the month of August.  10 years professionally shooting the sport of fishing, Jessica loves to capture life unfolding in front of her lens.  This week’s tip is Learn Your Camera.

Whether it’s an iPhone or a camera with interchangeable lenses. Know exactly how to get the camera turned on and in autofocus or video mode, so you are not messing about while the poor fish is waiting to be released. It doesn’t matter what type of camera you have these days. ⁣

An iPhone or a DSLR, cameras are all pretty incredible and capable at producing high resolution images. But it’s up to you to check to make sure everything is set correctly.⁣

The better you know your camera the better you will be at capturing those quick moments and the better it will be for the fish’s overall health. ⁣⁣

iPhone just swipe over to the left and the camera will automatically turn on.⁣


  • Make sure you are in the highest quality setting on your camera before you hit the water.⁣
  • Go for a photo walk in your yard to practice your camera skills.⁣

UWOTF Photography Tuesday Tip - Jessica Haydahl

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