Photography Tip – Capture the Cast

Capture the Cast


How do you make Casting look different? How do you make Casting look interesting?  Or, how do you take photos of someone casting and get that hero shot?  Jessica Haydahl is taking over the United Women on the Fly Tuesday Tips for the month of August and this Sunday she has 5 tips for capturing the cast.  Be sure to check out her Sunday Tip.

Capture the artful look of fly fishing photography


Capturing the Cast - Jessica Haydahl


Capturing the Cast - Jessica Haydahl

5 Tips for Capturing the Casts

#1 – Wide Angle Lens

Use a wide-angle lens and get yourself below the caster to shoot back up.

#2 – Get Low

Get Low, get really low.  Get into a position that makes the casting look very artful.

#3 – Athletic Stance

Have your caster take an athletic stance.

#4 – Shoot Straight Upwards

Shoot straight up and try to get the beautiful line in the air. Really try to capture the artful look of fly fishing photography.  This is a great technique for rod and line companies if you’re getting on the product side of the photography.

#5 – Take Control

Don’t be afraid to ask the captain to flip the boat if needed.


Jessica Haydahl UWOTF August Tuesday Tip

Meet the Photographer
Jessica Haydahl Richards

Jessica loves to capture life unfolding in front of her lens. With a diploma in Professional Photo Imaging and a Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing /Advertising, Jessica has worked with such companies as the Vancouver Canucks, Getty Images, Berkley/Abu Garcia, Costa Sunglasses and more. Jessica has also been published constantly in varying, Sports Fishing Magazines, whether that’s conventional or Fly fishing.

With an editorial based shooting style, Jessica has been Professionally Photographing in the Sports fishing for over 10 years. In her early life, growing up on the ocean in Vancouver British Columbia; Jessica could be found running boats, sailing and fishing around the Pacific North West.  It was there that Jessica’s passion for Photography and Nature grew into a profession. Jessica currently resides in the Bitterroot of Montana.

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