Spey Casting Basics

By: Jennifer La Follette
Let’s talk about how to properly hold a spey rod.  Use your ring finger at the butt of the rod, thumbs in alignment with the length of the rod and hold your running line with your middle finger.

Basics of the Spey Roll/Switch Cast

  1. Relax. Breathe.
  2. Hold the rod properly.
  3. Be fully committed (Obsessed even!) to control the placement of your anchor.
  4. Begin the lift ONLY when your fly line is straight and rod tip is AT THE WATER to eliminate slack.
  5. Breathe.
  6. Rod tip at the water to begin your STRAIGHT UP lift, watching for that anchor to begin to lift up THEN move the line in the air
  7. Keep your top hand elbow by your side as though your gently securing a piece of cloth that can’t fall to the water;
  8. Keep those hips free to rotate when necessary but stop allowing the top hand arm to “chicken wing”.
  9. Keep that top hand well in front of your cheekbone in the sweep to KEY position.
  10. Add the power and hard STOP to the last 1:4 of your forward stroke and aim high.

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