Spey Casting Speed

Photo Credit – Joanne Chow

TUESDAY TIP is by Kate Watson, a fly fishing guide in northern British Columbia.

“One of the most common mistakes with Spey casting, is speed. If your cast isn’t lining up straight, a quick on the water self-diagnostics is to listen to how your line sounds when aerialized when leaving the water. If it sounds like a crack of a bullwhip, you are casting/sweeping too fast. If it sounds like heavy slurping, you are sweeping into your D loop too slowly. Play around with timing, omitting the urge of simply adding extra power into your cast.“

Spey-O-Rama 2019 World Championship of Spey Casting

Kate Watson 

Kate Watson is a fly fishing guide in northern British Columbia. She’s gregarious in nature, a fish bum on the river, and holds a passion for conservation, wildlife stewardship, writing, fly tying and seeking new adventures on the water. Kate manages and guides for Northern Outback Adventures in remote British Columbia, a heli-fishing lodge for big bull trout on the fly as well as for salmon, trout and arctic grayling; she is ever expanding their adventure repertoire. Kate grew up in the hunting industry, which inevitably made her fall in love with wild places and wild beings. She was introduced to the politics of wildlife management at a young age, and sat in on meetings surrounding wildlife sustainability, and developed a sense of proactive activism in our hunting and angling community. She was introduced to two-handed rods and became enamoured in the rugged romanticism within the north west steelhead culture. She eventually took to long lines and classic flies, blending traditional and contemporary techniques. She has competed three times at the world level for spey casting and is excited to compete again next year. She currently holds 5th place at a world standing.

Her passion for fly fishing has allowed her to build a repertoire as an industry professional, offering casting schools, fly tying schools and presenting at casting and angling events across Western North America . Kate is a professional fly tyer for Lagartun, Partridge and Fair Flies, tying almost exclusively Classic Atlantic Salmon flies and Speys for west coast steelhead. With excitement, Kate has joined Interior Fly Fishing Co. as a travel director, hosting fly fishing destination trips around the globe and is a proud ambassador for Hardy, Renzetti, Sawyer Oars, Arcade Belts, Lagartun Premium Tying Materials, Partridge of Redditch Hooks, Bruce and Walker Rods, Leatherman, Fair Flies and various other pro-staff teams.  She has been very fortunate to have appeared in a variety of fly fishing magazines, such as Fly Fusion, Steelheaders Journal, Swing the Fly, Fly Lords and Outside Magazine; as well as films for Fishing BC and is a co host for Sport Fishing on the Fly featured on the World Fishing Network.  

Kate works diligently with biologists, aquatic ecologists and various scientists on related fish studies, writing pieces and using action-based conservation movements in order to spread education about our current fisheries and natural resources. She is a proud regional representative for United Women on the Fly, promoting women in the sport and tailors workshops or schools specifically for women.

In 2018 Kate started a ladies fly fishing retreat called Fly Girl’s Rendezvous, which incorporated learning, fishing, edifying and giving women a place to take time for themselves, ask questions and relax.

Email – [email protected]
Website – https://www.katewatsonflyfishing.com/
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