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Rachel Andras Spey Fishing Tips - Kalona Smiles Shot
“Fish IN CLOSE FIRST, short line, and don’t wade out past the fish.” Rachel Andras finishes the last two week of September’s United Women on the Fly Tuesday Tip theme of Spey Fishing.  This week Rachel talks about fishing in close first, adaption and adjustments and most importantly believing in yourself. Follow Rachel at @flyfishing4health.

Slice and Dice

SLICE & DICE the water.  Meaning to fish IN CLOSE FIRST, short line, and don’t wade out past the fish.  Think about breaking up the run, paying attention to the seams of the current, depths, and where you are standing.  That fly presents so differently to the fish with these factors.

Change and Pivot

 CHANGE & PIVOT!!!!  Just like when you are fishing for any species you must adapt and adjust things..  Maybe it’s the angle of your cast, the tip or leader, take a step down, peel off a little more line.  After I feel like I’ve covered the water thoroughly I will change my fly.

Believe in Yourself

I know I know…sounds lame but it is amazing the self-talk I give myself while swinging the fly.   Some days you may feel the strong rejection bubbling up or my cast falling apart, so give yourself a pep talk.  I love to channel in my mentors when it comes to swing fishing.  The late Bill Lowe is one of them who I think about often.  I think about his EASE of the cast and truly letting the rod do the work.  

I roll my shoulders back, loosen my grip, and think of how smooth yet powerful a Spey cast can be.  And then I SMILE and think about his amazing hugs – how he held EVERYONE a few seconds longer and tighter, embracing his gratitude for his friends, and paid attention to what mattered most.

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