Spey Fishing Tips

Rachel Andras - Spey Fishing Tips - PC: Chris Corbin
When asked to share a few helpful tip for catching Steelhead I wanted to make sure I just didn’t repeat all the goodness my predecessors shared already.   But then I figured giving you BEST WAYS for success could mean that…so just know we all have found things that work one day and don’t the next. So my biggest tip I can give you is to BE PERSISTENT and to continue to SEEK GROWTH.


Spey fishing for Steelhead forces us to focus more on the WATER rather than the food source.    Though I like to ‘think like a fish’ when I’m fishing I also ‘think about how my fly is swimming’.  I think a lot during fishing and have created a bullet list for my own brain so I utilize my time on the water well.

Walking Speed

A Spey rod is a great tool for tackling those wide runs, riffles, and tailouts very effectively from the bank.  WALKING SPEED, 2-6 feet deep, and tail outs are common marks of where steelhead could rest and lie during the day.  As you know they are on the move typically in the mornings and evenings.

Get Intimate

GET INTIMATE with the water. (Hey Hey Hey)  Meaning rather than running all over the place looking for fish, stick with a known run for holding fish.  Get to know it, dissect it, explore it, cover it with your fly, consider the changes over the winter, speed of current, time of day, etc.   Fish that same run over and over.

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