Stream Girls – Trout Unlimited and Girl Scouts Join Forces

S.T.R.E.A.M. Girls (Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Art, Math) is an experiential outdoor activity designed for girls age 11-16. Participants will get an in depth, hands on experience of a stream from the perspective of a Scientist, and Artist and an Angler.

Trout Unlimited Stream Girls Link

STREAM Girls gives Girl Scouts the oppurtunity to earn a patch and work on badges as they serve as citizen scientists, anglers, and artists, in order to build an appreciation for watershed conservation and the enviornment.. This outdoor watershed experience employs STEM-education (science, technology, engineering, math) plus recreation and arts to explore a local stream. Every person is a citizen of her watershed, and TU has partnered with Girl Scouts USA so that girls will get the complete picture of what their stream could mean to them.

Over the course of multiple sessions, TU volunteers will lead the Girl Scouts in observing a stream, collecting flow data, sampling macroinvertebrates (aka aquatic bugs), fly tying, and fly casting. Each day also gives the girls time to explore the natural area and record their thoughts and observations in their handbooks.

Patch Program Requirements
Eight core activities make a STREAM Girls program. You may choose activities that fit the interest and timeframe for your event; however, doing all eight core activities is required for your program to be considered a STREAM Girls “patch” program. That is, in order for the scouts to receive the patch, they must complete all eight activities.

The Eight Core Activites are:

1.    STREAM Walk
2.    Fly casting
3.    Go with the Flow!
4.    Macroinvertebrate survey
5.    Fly tying
6.    STREAM stations and bracelets
7.    Some amount of reflection throughout
8.    Some amount of discussion throughout



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