UWOTF Tutorial Fly Tying Videos

United Women on the Fly has put together a series of  tutorial videos to help someone begin their fly tying journey.  The videos are broken into two categories.
  • Basics Fly Tying Videos (7 videos, 17 Minutes)
  • Basic Fly Tying Technique Videos (5 videos, 13 minutes)

Basic Fly-Tying Videos (7 videos, 17 Minutes)

These videos will help anyone get started with thread, placing a hook into a vise to finishing the fly off.

  1. Fly Tying Equipment (3min 40 sec) – https://youtu.be/Fs4lSCA5bNE
  2. Threading a Bobbin (2min 27sec) – https://youtu.be/kerste96AQY
  3. Hook Anatomy (1min 43 sec) – https://youtu.be/AsLO-ZTqt0E
  4. Placing Hook into Vice and Wrapping Thread onto Hook (2min 5sec) – https://youtu.be/7I-G6intxLY
  5. Soft Loop “Pinch Wrap” (1min 7sec) – https://youtu.be/lhm4FjCTh_0
  6. Half Hitch Finish (1min 57sec) – https://youtu.be/ozHEElnL_OQ
  7. Whip Finish (3min 55sec) – https://youtu.be/bdS7cuFspTs

Basics Tying Technique Videos (5 videos, 13 Minutes)

These videos will help you see and understand some of the basic fly tying techniques used to tie a fly.

  1. Placing a Bead onto a Hook (1min 16sec) – https://youtu.be/46-OeOmDisI
  2. Securing Eyes – Figure 8 Technique (1min 49 sec) – https://youtu.be/gWNS3c11VlI
  3. Palmering Hackle (2min 36sec) – https://youtu.be/6u_TCg1cbso
  4. Dubbing (3min 37sec) – https://youtu.be/YR9kQ4YhsFE
  5. Wrapping Chenille (1min 57sec) – https://youtu.be/kvFr4eANv40

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