Meet the United Women on the Fly Team

United Women on the Fly (UWOTF) was founded in August 2016 by Heather Hodson.  The vision of the group has always been to connect, educate and inspire.  As the community quickly grew, Heather knew she needed to create a team of like-minded women who represent different regions of the community and support each other.   The UWOTF team now consists of 4 all-stars, regional fly sisters and group admins.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” Andrew Carnegie

Meet the Team

UWOTF has an incredible core team of 4 ALL STARS who help keep the daily posts, blogs and education current on our various social media platforms and website.  The UWOTF Community would not be the same without these women!

UWOTF Founder Heather Hodson

Heather Hodson.- Founder

Heather Hodson @northwestflygril – Founder of United Women on the Fly.  Heather is an expert at making anglers (especially women) feel comfortable and becoming a part of the fly fishing community.  Sometimes referred to as the “Middle Woman,” Heather volunteers her energy and time to connect women, help start women programs or enable anglers to become more confident on the water. Heather has dedicated her time to educate and inspire others. She is currently studying for her Casting Instructor Certification with Fly Fishers International and has been teaching Fly Fishing since 2014.  She’s also no stranger to being behind the camera.  Heather started taking photos as a rodeo photographer with her 35mm.  With over some 100 days on the water this year, it’s always a tossup between catching fish or being creative behind the camera. Her passion for conservation, getting anyone involved in fly fishing and enthusiasm to think outside the box is infectious.

UWOTF Regional Fly Sister - Clairey Grubbs 1080

Clairey Grubbs – Social Media Liaison

Clairey was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC and moved to Jackson, WY in the winter of 94/95 at the young age of 19. As a life long conventional angler she was a bit stubborn about picking up a fly rod. It wasn’t until the spring of 2009 that she eventually gave in and began fly fishing full time. Ironically, or not, that is also a few months after she met her now husband. A couple years later she was headed on an all girls fishing trip with some friends from social media. It was then that she discovered a lot about herself and angling as a whole. After that she began working with her friend, Heather Hodson, with United Women on the Fly. She was inspired by the unique bond and connection she saw female anglers sharing and decided to create a group close to home with full support from her husband and a two close fishing brothers. Shortly after, she and Christy Carlson founded Lady Anglers of WyDaho.

Clairey works part time at Orvis of Jackson Hole and is a board member for a local non-profit, Stripping for a Cure. She is a regional fly sister for United Women on the Fly a social media liaison for the group, and runs Lady Anglers of Wydaho’s social media too. Her favorite fishing partners are her husband, their seven year old son, and the family’s beloved, Hyde the Vizsla. You’ll most likely find her fishing near their home in Alpine, WY.

UWOTF Regional Fly Sister - Lindy LaMascus Orozco

Lindy LaMascus Orozco – Social Media Liaison

Lindy is a native Texan who now calls Spokane home. She learned to fly fish about 15 years ago under the guidance of her dad on the streams of southwest Colorado and never looked back. Now, she feels more at home on the rivers of Montana than just about anywhere else. The Missouri River and the Big Hole River are her favorites. When she is not hard at work for her online boutique, Cowgirl Relics, you will usually find her on a river with her husband, David, or the ladies of Spokane Women On The Fly. She is dog mom to Nigel, Onyx, and Tank and also enjoys riding and working with her 4 quarter horses.

UWOTF Regional Fly Sister - Teresa Barber 1080

Teresa Barber – Blog Author

Teresa lives in Colorado Springs, CO. While she grew up on the beach, she is whole heartedly a mountain girl these days. After nearly a decade of military service with multiple tours overseas, some unexpected injuries, and a lengthy healing process, she began to pursue a new career path in fly fishing while working in business and marketing. She was 4 the first time she had a fly rod in her hand in the Sierra Nevada mountains and about 8 the first time she helped tie a purple woolybugger (which she caught a fish on the next day). However, the interest faded until after college, and then after her first assignment overseas in the military, it really took hold. Throughout the next several years, fly fishing became part of her healing both physically and mentally from experiences in the military. Her interest in guiding began as a result of taking other service members fishing and eventually guiding and mentoring for Project Healing Waters, which she is still very involved in. She’s continuing to work towards transitioning to full time guiding in 2020.

Regional Fly Sisters and Group Admins

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