Why Join United Women on the Fly on a Fishing Trip

Why join United Women the Fly on a Fishing Trip?

WHY FISH with United Women on the Fly ?  These trips are so much more than a fishing adventure.  Anglers of different ages, professions, backgrounds and fishing abilities come together to experience a trip of a lifetime.  It’s a scary thing to step out of their comfort zone and join other anglers.  The energy, laughter, smiles and friendships are like no other.  We came as strangers and leave UNITED as friends.

United Women on the Fly (UWOTF) focuses on EDUCATION, CONNECTIONS and Having FUN trying to be on a FISH BUM BUDGET!

“United Women on the Fly is a professional operation one that you can completely trust to take you on an adventure that will meet your expectations & dreams. The Alaska trip I went on in September of 2019, was everything I had hoped for and then some. None of the women had ever met. From the get go we knew we were all going to be friends sharing a special adventure. Heather gave us all the information we needed for planning and was always available for any questions. No surprises. I trust her to only provide trips that will meet her high expectations. I highly recommend UWOTF and look forward to my next trip.”  Molly Semenik

EDUCATION – Our hosted UWOTF Trips all have an Education Focus.  We want you to finish the trip better skilled than when you arrived.  We only choose lodges, guides and instructors that have the same TEACHING mission as UWOTF.  Education varies from fine tuning your casting, to “On the Water” single and two handed casting demos, hands on instruction throughout your fishing day, classroom casting and fishing techniques, evening knot tying sessions to nightly discussions about the day.

“This trip was definitely a bucket list trip and UWOTF did a fantastic job of setting it up. Skill level did not matter, as the guides were wonderful in teaching and giving pointers to improve your chances of getting fish. The guides knew where to take you for a successful experience. I would do it again if there weren’t more bucket list places for me to go!” – Tamera Daniels

“This trip was out of my comfort zone, going to an amazing unknown place and meeting people I’ve never met before. I was pretty apprehensive being a newbie, and I was thrilled because every single gal, and the amazing guides and pilots made you feel like family. It’s amazing how a community of fly fishing gals (and guys) can come together and bond in such a way where you leave missing everyone and remembering all the laughs and fish that was caught. Thank you for the memories. I can’t wait to go again.” – Keri Patrick


“I enjoyed this great opportunity to hunt for Musky! I enjoyed meeting new women who share the same passion for fly fishing. We shared a great adventure and had many laughs! I will be looking for future opportunities to fish with UWOTF!” – Barb

“I went on the Alaska 2019 UWOTF adventure not knowing a single soul I was going to be spending the following 5 days with, in an area of the world I wasn’t completely confident I was prepared to be in. I left there with 5 new sisters who shared the same love of adventure, fly fishing and sisterhood as I did. Our guides at Frigate Travel, Kate & Justin were personable, professional, knowledgeable and just simply amazing. I cannot think of a better opportunity to experience, explore, challenge and meet like-minded women who truly empower each other. Thank you Heather and UWOTF!” – Sande English

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