Corie Berrigan

Corie Berrigan


Outdoor adventures have always been part of my life, whether its skiing, biking, hiking, camping or fishing. I’ve been a board member on various clubs & teams. I have organized teaching clinics, coached and have been a race director for multiple mountain bike events. In addition, I have started clubs reaching out to women & help women get involved in cycling by teaching, coaching & organizing group rides.

Also, I understand the importance of community involvement and responsibilities in positive representation of your organization. As a kid on my Grandparents farm I grew up bobber & spin cast fishing the Escanaba River in front of their house in Upper Michigan.

Fly fishing is a passion and something I’ve always wanted to do for a very long time. Finally after I retired from bike racing I had time to learn how to fly fish. I hired a guide and started fly fishing about 9-10 years ago steelhead fishing on the Cascade River and float tube fly fishing trout lakes in Cook County, MN. Now I’m frequently fly fishing the Driftless Area in Minnesota & Wisconsin. And I also enjoy going back to my old fishing rivers in Upper Michigan with my fly rods and fly fishing remote areas. I’m literally hooked for life, fly fishing is a great way to combine all my outdoor experiences.

Most importantly I enjoy being involved, teaching & volunteering and would love to help attract more women into our sport of fly fishing.

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