Dabble Film Festival


Calling all Movie Makers. We want to embrace and showcase those who have created their own films.  Dabble Film Fest has been created for those who “dabbles” in shooting video of your outdoor fly fishing adventures. We want to showcase the anglers out there who fishes local, uses their home film equipment and has fun!!!
We’re looking for edited films of 30 seconds to 3 minutes.  The film can be co-Ed but we want them edited by a women.  We’d love to see humor, laughter, big fish, small fish, all genders, dancing, no fish, etc. See Rules and Entry Information below.  We all love the film festivals but the reality is very few are lucky enough to be selected. Dabble wants to embrace the everyday angler. We can’t always fish exotic locations and don’t have expensive film equipment or software. Most of us shoot with a cell phone or GoPro.  Let’s see you fishing your local ditch or your recent fishing adventures.  
We’re heading to Nashville to where the Rip and Hopper’s Adventure 2018 Road-Trip began in March. We will be showing the Rip and Hopper film as well as sharing your films.
Dabble Film Fest Dates (SO FAR) – More showings and event details to come.
* 3/30/19 – Nashville TN

Film Requirements –

  • Length 30 Seconds – 3 Minutes
  • Edited – by a women or one that associated herself as a female.
  • Film must be Outdoor Related
  • Person submitting the film must have the right to submit all content within the submission.
    • This includes music rights, footage, private property, etc.
  • All entrants must use the hashtag #DabbleFilmFest and #unitedwomenonthefly on their own social pages when promoting their entry
  • KeepEmWet Principles and Tips must be used
  • Written permission from a legal guardian is required if entrant is under the age of 18.
  • Family Friendly Content – film should have minimal profanities, no hate speech or any other offendable actions.

Film Format –

  • 1080p30 or 1080p24 H.264 .MP4 or .MOV file

Spring 2019 Showing Deadlines –

  • All videos must be received no later than March 20th, 2019.

Showing –

  • If there is more than 30 minutes of film submitted to be shown from women of the local area then UWOTF will choose which films will be shown.
    • You will be notified either way one week before the local event either way.