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Audrey Wilson - June UWOTF Flygirl

June Featured Fly Girl

Audrey Wilson, Certified Casting Instructor and Casting Champion.

Join Audrey Wilson for a webinar on mental preparation for fly fishing success on Thursday 6/4/20 at 8pm EST with Fly Fishers International.  Webinar Link.

Audrey’s life changed when fly fishing became a part of her world. She started fly fishing 13 years ago when she was absolutely inspired by the Green River, below Flaming Gorge Dam.  She says that when she closes her eyes she can still envision that sunny day in a drift boat, casting her heart out with a big dry fly at the end of her line, and then seeing that beautiful cut-bow rise. She is grateful for that day and a passion began that has not only grown but has opened her world to other amazing experiences and people. She was inspired about 10 years ago, by known casting instructors and competitors. It was then she started her own competition and instructor journey. She didn’t know much about it at the time, but she knew she wanted to be a part of it.

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Audrey grew up with her mom and dad, and older brother in Roy, Utah.  She has always loved the outdoors, as well as playing competitive sports throughout her entire childhood and as a young adult.  She missed the team dynamic, the comradery, the competition, and that drive to continuously learn and succeed. Eight years ago, tragedy struck her small family, and she lost her mother suddenly. Her family was and still is everything, no matter how far or near they are.

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Life began in a much different way from that point forward. She holds to the mantra, “Life is short, live it!”  She works full-time at Hill Air Force Base, managing multiple teams within a business office. She loves to lead; to make a difference in people’s lives. Her drive to succeed, give back, continuously improve, make a difference, genuinely care for the people she loves, and carry-on her passion to fly fish and fly cast, is a daily focus for her. It keeps her going, and gives her purpose.

Life is short, live it!

Nine years ago, she joined an amazing staff with the Casting for Recovery (CFR) Utah team. What better way to give back, be part of an amazing team, and make a difference all while carrying out her passion to fly fish. Nearly two years ago, she became the Utah Program Director for CFR-Utah. Audrey says, “There’s nothing more rewarding than witnessing and being a part of a change that is impacting lives the way CFR does for women with breast cancer. They’re the strongest women I’ve ever met, and truly inspiring. The cherry on top is that I’m able to contribute my own successes to bring awareness to the program.”

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Since starting her instructor and competition journey, she has successfully been certified as a Casting Instructor with Fly Fishers International (FFI). It took years of dedication, on and off focus, until she applied herself and got it done! “It’s possible; anything is possible,” she says. Throughout her journey, she has also become a successful fly-fishing competitor.

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Her accomplishments includes:

  • 1st place 2014 Utah Best of the West Fly Casting
  • 1st place 2014 FFI Livingston Expo
  • 3rd place 2016 GroPro “2-Fly Xtreme” games
  • 1st place 2017 “Top-Gun” Wasatch Expo
  • 2nd place 2017 GoPro “2-Fly Xtreme” games
  • 1st place 2018 “Top-Gun” Wasatch Expo
  • 2nd place 2019 “Top Gun” Wasatch Expo
  • 1st place 2019 GroPro “2-Fly Xtreme” games
  • Silver medalist American Casting Association (ACA) Nationals.

Her next goal is to go to Sweden, representing the USA on the women’s fly-casting team at the World Championships in August 2020!!  Her heart is full of sincere gratitude for all those who have supported her and will continue to support her in this journey.  Audrey believes that support is the energy that charges the passion and makes this all possible for her and the programs she leads.

Don’t Miss Audrey’s FFI Webinar on 6/4/20 at 8pm EST

Fly Fishers International 2nd Fly Casting Webinar will be presented by Audrey on Thursday 6/4/20 at 8pm EST.  Audrey’s  journey to CI certification, and competition success that led her to develop a mental management system; a system that can help any angler to mentally prepare for making that great cast to land that big fish!  Join Audrey as she presents her system for success.  Whitney Gould will be the moderator.

Audrey is a fly gal truly worth celebrating!  Best of luck to her in all your goals and fly fishing endeavors!

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