Featured Fly Girl – Liz Weirauch

I first heard of Liz from one of my carp bros during a Bridgeport fishing trip. It was her color recommendation that got me on the first fish for that trip. Then I hear of Liz again, this time as a mentor for a friend who, at the time, was working on the FFI Bronze Award for fly tying.

I wanted to feature Liz Weirauch for July because I recently sought some guidance about the administrative side of guiding. Although we have never met, she was super helpful, insightful and hilariously entertaining! So I thought I’d share with you all the pleasure that is Liz Weirauch.

Liz began fishing as a kid in Michigan. As a teen in Colorado, she went on fishing dates with her then boyfriend, now husband of 39 years. She then moved on to bigger things, like fishing for sharks in the Pacific. It seemed the natural progression was fly fishing when she and her husband, Don, moved to the Eastern Sierra and run The Angler’s Edge, a full service fly shop located in Gardnerville, NV.

I’m a woman in a man’s field, developed by a woman… Weird.

She is five foot nothing, blonde and laughs at herself. She’s worked in corporate sales and wore the typical high heels and hose outfit. She names her wrinkles after her four adult daughters; all of whom are very smart and talented, but they don’t fly fish. She can cast a 105 on a 5 and can be a little competitive, but at least her favorite body designer is chocolate.

Liz is a big proponent of non-native trout species stocked in Sierras in the 1890’s and fights hard against their eradication. She fights for private property owners who take care of their waters when public waters are trashed and poached. She’s not liked by all, but she likes everyone.

A weekly event at the shop where anyone can come in and tie or just shoot the shit
Bitchin and Braggin Breakfast Club at the shop

BBB is when anyone can come in and tie or just shoot the shit

Liz guides on the Eastern Sierras and has run the Angler’s Edge for over 15 years. She loves teaching and runs classes on rod building, casting and fly tying. She even coaches FFI hopefuls. Apart from teaching, she loves giving back to community. Her team runs a program called Discovery on the Fly  that teaches incarcerated young men the encompassing life path of fly fishing. She’s been involved with Casting for Recovery since 2002, Reel Recovery in its infancy and developed programs for women with any type of cancer. Giving back is just food for her soul.

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