Casey Pfeiffer

Casey Pfeiffer – Australia

Casey Pfeiffer

Casey Pfeiffer first picked up a fly rod 7 years ago and began her journey by targeting large carp on the flats of the Murray river in South Australia. Luckily Casey met another like minded soul on the river, her now husband Lubin. Casey and Lubin’s first dates were fly tying lessons, which Casey very quickly excelled at. Her career Competition fly fishing started shortly after and she now travels all across Australia.

Casey and her husband Lubin now live on the road in their blue van as full time travelling fly fishers. Casey has a fly tying business where she ties custom flies for clients all over, and also writes for several of Australia’s premier fishing magazines.

Casey is representing Australia at the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships in New Zealand in March as part of the women’s team, as well as the forst Ladies World Fly Fishing Championships in Norway in July 2020.

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