Mindy Blair

Mindy Blair

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A true-blue cowgirl born and raised in the coastal mountains of Oregon. She grew up along the banks of the renowned waters of the Columbia river in the small export town of Rainier, Oregon. Her weekends were filled with fishing, horses, and learning to be a tough logger’s daughter.

Now, Mindy spends her adult years in the mountains of Southern Oregon with her husband and three kids at their home, dubbed the “Blair Mountain Ranch”. Her days are filled with homeschooling while caring for horses, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, lambs and dogs. Free time for this family is often spent hunting, fishing, and striving towards self-sustainability.

Mindy’s professional life was spent as a project manager for residential and commercial construction projects before motherhood demanded all of her attention. But you won’t find her lamenting! This is something she has embraced and feels blessed to be able to provide for her children. Mindy has even stepped into a leadership role within the homeschool community in Southern Oregon, and has excelled, despite calling it the hardest job she’s ever had.

When Mindy is not homeschooling, cooking for her tribe, and playing chauffer to for her kids’ many activities, you can find her spending her time doing anything outdoors, from horseback riding to hunting, mountain biking, running, and of course, fly fishing.

Mindy considers fly fishing to be an absolute blessing in her life. She tries to find any chance she can to spend time on her home water, the Rogue River, letting its water wash all the worries and concerns of life away. She finds fishing to be life-giving, something that gives her the strength to carry the day to day load she does! Mindy is quick to share her love of fly fishing with anyone she can, encouraging people of all ages to wade in and find joy and fulfillment regardless of what level angler one might be. But of course, nothing makes her smile more than crossing paths with the Pacific Northwest’s incredible fish.

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