* 3/27/23 – Entomology 101

* 3/27/23 – Entomology 101


We’re excited to partner with Fly Fish Instruct  for our online education courses.  The LIVE “Entomology 101” Online Course is geared towards the beginner/intermediate angler that is ready to get nerdy. Familiarizing yourself with aquatic entomology and biology is key to becoming an advanced angler and this class does exactly that. 

We’ll start by familiarizing you with the scientific classifications and morphology of aquatic insects. We will then go over the basics of aquatic insect evolution highlighting key traits and discussing the two different life cycles. The second portion of the class will dive into each of the four most common aquatic insect orders for fly fishing; Mayflies, Stoneflies, Caddisflies, and Midges. While exploring the insect orders, we will highlight key characteristics of morphology and behaviors within life stages (i.e. nymph, larva, pupa, adult) that will bring your fly fishing techniques to the next level. 


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Date – Monday 3/27/23

Time – 4:30pm – 6:30pm PT

Cost – $25.00

Location – Online Zoom Class

Instructors – Megan Hess

Email Contact – info@flyfishinstruct.om

Cost – $25.00 – Scholarships Available

Refunds – No Refunds.  Course will be recorded and emailed to all participants.

Class Covers –

  • Aquatic Insect Classification
  • Insect Morphology
  • Common vs Scientific Names
  • Evolution of Aquatic Insects
  • Aquatic Insect Life Cycles
  • Overview of the Major Aquatic Insect Orders
    • Ephemeroptera (Mayflies)
    • Plecoptera (Stoneflies)
    • Trichoptera (Caddisflies)
    • Diptera (True Flies, focusing on Midges)

You’ll Receive –

  • “Entomology 101” Online Course Links and Passwords
  • “Entomology 101” Course Handouts
  • 1.5hrs of Classroom Instruction
  • Education Emails from Fly Fish Instruct
  • Education Discounts
  • Early Event Announcements