Mending the Line for Fish Success

Mending the Line for Fish Success


We’re excited to partner with Fly Fish Instruct  for our online education courses. Mending the line is an essential skill to be a successful angler.  Molly Semenik and Heather Hodson start with the basics of mending and end with how to target-feeding fish. Learn the steps to execute an aerial or on-water mend.  This recorded online course is mainly video examples and geared towards the advanced beginner or intermediate angler.  

Fly Fish Instruct acknowledges the many barriers to fly fishing.  Scholarships are available for those who are unable to afford the class.  Please email to ask for one.  Thank you so much for your support.


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Instructors – Heather Hodson and Molly Semenik


Cost – $25.00 – Scholarships Available

Refunds – No Refunds 

Course – Recorded Online

Class Covers –

  • Cast Vs. Mend
  • Drag Free Drifts
  • Water Vs. Aerial Mends
  • Reach Mends (On the Water and Aerial)
  • Presentation Mends (Wiggle and Hump Mends)
  • Slip Vs. No Slip
  • Fishing Techniques and Mending
  • Hero Drifts
  • Targeting Feeding Fish
  • Practice Suggestions

You’ll Receive –

  • Mend the Line Online Course Recording Link and Password
  • Mend the Line Classroom Handouts
  • Video Chapters Available in Desktop View
  • 1hr of Classroom Instruction and 15mins of Q&A
  • Education Emails from Fly Fish Instruct
  • Education Discounts