Spring Trout Fishing Techniques

Spring Trout Fishing Techniques


We’re excited to partner with Fly Fish Instruct  for our online education courses. Everything comes down to the seasonal hatches, fishing techniques for each stage, and reading winter/spring trout water. Fishing during the winter and spring months involves a slower, more technical approach. Learn from Megan Hess as she discusses winter/spring trout fishing techniques.

Fly Fish Instruct acknowledges the many barriers to fly fishing.  Scholarships are available for those who are unable to afford the class.  Please email info@flyfishinstruct.com to ask for one.  Thank you so much for your support.


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Instructors – Megan Hess and Heather Hodson

Email Contactinfo@flyfishinstruct.com

Cost$20.00 – Scholarships Available

Refunds – No Refunds.  

Course – Recorded Online

Class Covers –

  • Why Spring Fishing?
  • Spring Fishing Considerations
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Water Types (Pre-Runoff & Runoff)
  • Trout Behavior in Cold Water and During Runoff
  • Hatch Charts
  • Entomology and Life Cycle of Mayfly
  • Spring Fishing Techniques
    • Fishing the Specific Stages of Mayflies, Midges, Stoneflies and Streamers
  • Leader Examples for all Insect Stages and Streamers
  • Casting Tips for Fishing Techniques
  • Top Spring Trout Flies
  • Fish Handling and Conservation Tips

You’ll Receive –

  • “Spring Trout Fishing Tips” Online Course Recording
  • “Spring Trout Fishing Tips” Classroom Handouts
  • 1.25hrs of Classroom Instruction
  • Weekly Education Emails from Fly Fish Instruct
  • Education Discounts