About Us

United Women on the Fly (UWOTF) is committed to inclusive and respectful practices as we strive to welcome more women from all backgrounds into the sport of fly fishing. UWOTF is an interactive Community allowing anglers (specifically women) to connect with other groups, clubs and organizations throughout the world. Within a few clicks you’ll be able to jump onto a social media account or obtain an email address to contact a specific group. If you don’t see anything located in an area near you, contact us at [email protected] for information and mentorship on how to get started in your region.

Founder Heather Hodson – Photo Credit – Eric Neufeld


UWOTF was created by Heather Hodson in September 2016. After much success of founding Spokane Women on the Fly and becoming the Western US Women’s Ambassador for Trout Unlimited, Heather decided to continue to share her knowledge both on and off the water by creating the UWOTF community. To read more about Heather click here.

The UWOTF community is ever changing and we hope to have a central location where anyone can find everything you need. Do you want to be more connected with other like-minded anglers? Perhaps you travel and want to connect with fishing companions along the way? Maybe you don’t have any groups in your local area and want to get something started but don’t have a clue where to begin? Want to hire a female guide? How about supporting small and shopping local? UWOTF is here for you.  Check out our Resources Page.

The mission of United Women on the Fly (UWOTF) is to create a safe and non-intimidating community connecting anglers throughout the world. There’s no club fees or association with any organizations. It’s simply a resource to unite women across the globe and make it easier to locate fly fishing education, lady gatherings and events, information on gear, meet like-minded anglers, and find trips designed specifically for women. We’re also hear to help mentor with starting a new group in your local area. Everyone is welcomed, just no drama!  It’s simply a resource to find other like-minded anglers near you or in your future travels.

There are several other women groups, clubs and female organizations available. UWOTF is very supportive of them all. We’re more than happy to pass you along to the specific group website, social media accounts or give you a contact email address. If you can’t find a group in an specific area email us at [email protected] and we’ll try to get you connected.

Social Media – Rather than bringing each other down, let’s become united and support everyone. Social Media can be a very positive thing in creating a community. There’s so much more than just the fish! Tag us in your gatherings, events, classes and adventures on and off the water.  #unitedwomenonthefly @unitedwomenonthefly

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We’re a media partner with Keepemwet Fishing and do our best to only share your photos of fish in the water, slightly above the water or dripping. We’d love to see more photos expressing the #keepfishwet lifestyle!  You can check out the most up to date science, principles & tips for proper fish handling for catch and release at https://www.keepemwet.org.

CONTACT INFORMATION – [email protected]