Mary Atkinson

UWOTF Team Feature Mary Atkinson

Mary Atkinson

Social Media Support

Mary (she/her) is a part of the United Women on the Fly Social Media Team.  Mary’s core interest when it comes to fly fishing, is creating opportunities to share and bring more Women to our waters. To share the passion means to grow the sport, and growing the sport only helps protect what we all love. Founder of Atlantic Women on the Fly, Mary with her team of instructors has welcomed over 150 participants since the workshops began in 2021. 

Mary took her first cast in 2012, Not thinking it would consume her as much, but thankful it has. In recent years; Now living along the Stewiacke River in rural Nova Scotia, Mary enjoys life on the water and shares the elements of fly fishing with her daughter.

In 2021, Mary launched workshops under the initiative 50/50OnTheWater before branding Atlantic Women on the Fly in 2022.  Mary’s goal is to create learning & tourism opportunities within the Atlantic provinces with AWOTF. All while showcasing what each community and fishery has to offer.

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