Shelby Sawyer

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Shelby Sawyer

Scholarship Chair

Shelby (she/her) grew up in Maine, where she was first introduced to fly-fishing. She now lives in northern Utah and enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and fly-fishing her local rivers. Currently, she is wrapping up her MS in Watershed Sciences, with a research focus on developing tools to help scientists, managers, and restoration practitioners better understand our riverscapes. Shelby also enjoys volunteering as a community scientist with Science on the Fly, for whom she conducts monthly water sampling on the Logan River.

Shelby believes that the sport of fly-fishing has special potential to connect people with each other and their environment. She is proud to work among a team of passionate women who care deeply about the fly-fishing community and are putting in the work to help it grow, evolve, and be the best that it can be.

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