Dubbing Noodle with Dry Hands

Dry hands in the winter? no problem!

Fly Tying Tips #4

Cat Toy finishes up the February Fly Tying Tips.  With winter well underway, our hands can endure some serious battering from the cold weather.  As a nurse who has been avidly fly fishing through this winter, my hands will snag onto anything soft. It was a long time bumbling blunder with me trying to make good dubbing noodles with fly tying.  Dubbing noodles often unraveled, or snagged on my dry fingertips.

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What is a Dubbing Noodle?

Simply an amount of dubbing gently rolled or pulled into a small elongated wad of dubbing.

Dubbing Noodle and Dry Hands

I was astonished to find myself creating some beautiful noodles! It is the application of O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream on my hands, and a generous amount on my cracked fingertips that was my answer!

I use different hand creams to try to help heal my cracked hands, only to find myself returning back to this particular hand cream before fly tying.

Apply a generous amount on hands and particularly your finger tips and rub in well before tying. Place dubbing onto thread, pinch tight, and twist dubbing on your thread. I am simply amazed each time how easy and beautiful dubbing noodles come out. Happy fly tying to all!

Dubbing Noodle and Dry Hands
Dubbing Noodle and Dry Hands

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