How to Prepare for Your First Saltwater Trip


Belize it or not, it’s EASY. Destination travel offers so many opportunities!   Fishing First but consider other activities so you can experience the local vibe.  Read Kathleen’s “A Belize to Remember” blog HERE.

Before You Go

Gather as much information about your location, lodging, and transportation. Most destination lodges will provide pack lists but don’t hesitate to do your own research.

  • Visit your LOCAL fly shop.
    • Gear up! Some outfitters will provide gear and flies but if not, you will want to make sure you have the proper equipment for a successful
  • Know the species of fish you will be targeting and their behaviors.
    • Consider watching some YouTube videos!
  • Contact the guide company with any questions!
    • Know the daily schedule and what is included.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

The benefit of having your own equipment allows you to practice for the big trip! If you are new to saltwater fishing or casting heavier rods you will want to prepare yourself, so you optimize and achieve your personal goals.

  • Casting practice will benefit you greatly. Practice with a partner who can shout out different distances or set out various targets.
  • WIND! Where there is saltwater there is usually wind. Practice casting on a windy day.
  • DOUBLE HAUL! Distance casting will be essential.

No matter where your travels take you enjoy the journey. Challenge yourself to explore new areas and keep building yourself as an angler. Book a trip, pack your bag, and FISH THE WORLD!!!

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