Saltwater Fly Fishing- How to Maximize your Chances of SUCCESS


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Enjoy the beauty and opportunity to experience life on the water!!!  Remember it’s just fishing and have fun!

Identify the prime time for your destination

There are always opportunities for fishing, but travel can be expensive, vacation days may be limited, or you might have a specific goal in mind. Educating yourself on prime times per destination will help you set appropriate expectations and maximize your experience.

Learn how to spot fish

Do some research ahead and know the look of a species dorsal fin, behaviors, habitats, food sources, and tide preferences.

  • Dorsal fin identification can benefit you greatly in sight fishing
  • Behaviors and movements of fish in the water
  • Habitat knowledge and ocean floor structure will increase your chances
  • Food sources can alert you that you are in the zone
  • Tides can help indicate best time to be out on the water

Casting into the wind

Remember to PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE before you go. Pick a windy day to practice so you build your casting confidence!

  • 20 min a few times a week or day will help build your confidence and muscle memory in casting.
  • Practice in different conditions.

Dress for Success So you are comfortable

Research the average temperature and weather patterns.

  • Prepare for the sun, wind, and rain! All conditions are possible.
  • Have appropriate clothing options and SUNSCREEN.
  • Bugs could be a factor so plan accordingly.

LIne Management

When practicing give some thought into line management and control. This could be a determining factor into your success.

  • Clear the line so you don’t get wrapped up and tangled.
  • Don’t have too much line out at a time before you start your cast.
  • Don’t wear anything that will catch the line.

Water Tides

Incoming tides are Circe’s favorite and can be most productive but know before you go and what tides are best for the species you want to target and your destination!

Tide Descriptions –

  • Spring Tides- Higher highs and lower lows
  • Neap Tides- Lower highs and higher lows
  • Perigean Spring Tide- King/Flood tides
  • Slack Water- No current or between tides

Trip Planning Tips

Plan ahead and make sure to get the most out of your travel experience!

  • Fish for at least 2-4 days if your time and budget allow.
  • Inquire and interview the lodge/outfitter for a guide that is best suited for you!
  • Sightseeing and relaxing. Its good to take a break and explore. Saltwater fishing takes you to magical places!

Gear Check

  • Sunglasses are probably the most important item next to your rod!
  • Check your gear and clean everything especially fly lines.
  • Procure your leaders, tippets, and lines.
  • Organize your fly box and know that not all lodges will provide flies.

Game Face

Fishing is a mental game. Your ability to control the mental side of things will gain you a huge advantage.

  • Be patient
  • Stay focused
  • Slow it down
  • Trust your casting practice
  • Listen to your guide
  • Every Cast is a new opportunity

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