Placing Bead on Hook

Tip for Placing a Bead onto a Hook

Fly Tying Week #1

This week J. Michelle Swope brings us a fly tying tip of placing a bead onto your hook.  Connect with J. Michelle at @olywomenonthefly.

Upside Down HOok

Place hook on the in vise, upside down.

De-barb Hook

De-barb hook. Important!!! Do NOT put your pliers onto your hook sideways…place your pliers onto the barb, straight over the point, and clamp down. Why, you ask? If you go onto the barb from the side, most times this results in a “rolled barb” meaning that while squished down, the barb material is still there, and will still catch on the fish, causing undo harm.

Small Hole of Bead

Place bead onto hook with the small hole of the bead, facing the eye of the hook.

Alternative Method

Place bead in pliers, and work bead onto hook, small hole of the bead facing the eye of the hook. This method will lessen the amount of times you stab yourself with the hook. Maybe you have more hand eye coordination than I do, but inevitably I am bleeding by the end of putting beads on hooks….hence, my love of using pliers.

Serene and J Michelle Fly Tying


Last Spring, J. Michelle got to teach Serene @fattyonthefly this technique during a #flytyingnoob on the vise online event. It was a blast, Serene got to show the world her new found prowess using the whip finisher…and we successfully got our beads on our hooks without bleeding.

Placing Bead onto Hook
Placing Bead onto Hook
Placing Bead onto Hook
Placing Bead onto Hook

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