How to Save Space When Packing

Saving Space with Packing with Angelica Talan

Hi! I’m Angelica and I’m a minimalistic packer. I really enjoy arriving at my destination and having all my clothes, gear and wellness items organized & ready to go! I also like to avoid the checked luggage costs and to save space in my car if on a road trip.

Favorite ways to save Space when Packing

  • Use Packing Cubes! While you can find some basic packing cubes on Amazon or your local outdoor store.
    • Angelica’s favorite cubes are from Eagle Creek because of their design.
    • Angelica typically packs by both daily usage and by climate.
    • Packing Cubes come in different colors, sizes and of course brands!
    • If you’re on a budget or like to live frugally, you can use good generic storage bags or plastic bags that your linens come in.
  • Roll your clothes in each packing cube based on daily use, occasional use and special use.
    • For example: Angelica uses small and extra small cubes to pack her undergarments & sleepwear. She uses medium sized cubes for warm weather clothing and large sized cubes for cold weather clothes.
  • Pack only 2 pieces of luggage: One suitcase & One Backpack or Tote.
  • Pack additional lightweight packable bags in your luggage for usage while on your trip.
  • Reduce as much bulk as you possibly can.
  • Limit the amount of daily tech you carry.

Find a piece of luggage that works best for you

I previously used hard shell luggage and realized time after time that it was heavy, bulky and easily damaged. I also found that it was never enough space!

My favorite piece of luggage is the Eddie Bauer Expedition Rolling Duffel in any size. They have sizes for carry and check in as well.  When, I’m road tripping, and depending on my length of stay, I tend to use the larger version.  I typically only use the small carry-on luggage when I fly but on occasion, I will use the medium sized one for a 7 day trip and the extra large one for trips over ten days. 

A a general rule, less is more. You can usually use a washer/dryer at your airbnb, hotel, hostel or cabin. Pro tip for those sleeping outside is bring clothes that are easily hand washable and air dried. 

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