2023 UWOTF Team Highlight – Temma Roby

Meet Temma Roby, UWOTF Team Member and Co-Founder of Rising to the Fly

This month, we’re spotlighting Temma Roby from Northern California, a remarkable individual who is an integral part of the Untied Women on the Fly social media team and serves as the co-founder of Rising to the Fly. We consider ourselves fortunate to have her in the spotlight, and we invite you to discover more about Temma below.

How did you learn to fly fish?

Took a few casting lessons when I was 49 years old, landed by first rainbow 6 months later and two years later, totally obsessed.

How often Do You Fish?

At least once a week.

Whats the one pice of gear you can't live withought?

My 5 weight

What’s one habit you have on the water that you think others could benefit from learning?

I try and put everything I need for the day in the front pocket of my waders. Easy to access. 

Any particular apps that help with fishing?

Knots 3D and Trout Routes

Podcast you listen to most?

It depends- sometimes Anchored with April Vokey and sometimes The Destination Anglers Podcast. 

Favorite Place to Fish?

That’s a tough one…Rogue, Trinity and McCloud.

Earliest Alarm Setting for a Day Fishing?

4 AM

What's the one song that never gets old when you're fishing?

Thunder A/C D/C

Do You have a go to fishing film?

The Perfect Storm

How do you see the future of fly fishing?

I feel I still don’t know enough yet to know what the future of fly fishing may look like. 

Who's the one person who has had the biggest impact on your fly fishing journey?

Julia Mitchell- she’s my ride or die. 

What’s the one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

My first language was French.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to anyone who is new to the sport of fly fishing and is just starting out?

Don’t put your car keys in the pocket of your hoodie when you’re not wearing full waders!

How has United Women on the Fly impacted your life/fly fishing community?

UWOTF is so inspiring.  I’m afraid to fail or try new things. I find myself doing things I never would have done (like standing in a river, fishing in 20 something degree weather and wading in some tough conditions). I am, constantly challenged and as a result I continue to grow, be supported and support others. It’s pretty awesome. 

Temma Roby - UWOTF Team Member

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