Elizabeth Simpson

UWOTF Team Featured Elizabeth Simpson

Elizabeth Simpson

You’ll probably never meet another human who will immediately make you feel welcomed!  The United Women on the Fly Team is extremely lucky to have Liz as one of our Education Contributors.  This month we will be celebrating her laugh, continual giving back and the incredible amount of fly fishing knowledge she has!  Learn more about Elizabeth below.

Where are You From?

Originally from Portland, moved to Spokane after nursing school.

What is your role with UWOTF?

I’m super lucky and get to be one of the Education Contributor!  Read Liz’s Blogs at https://uwotf.com/elizabeth-simpson/.

Tell us about your day job?

When I’m not researching education blogs I work as a Transitional Care Coordinator for a local hospital. A fancy title for saying I make sure you have all the appropriate follow up after you’ve been discharged from the hospital. I transitioned to this role from bedside cardiac nursing when I saw so many patients getting lost to follow up care. That reassuring call discussing concerns, reviewing medications, and confirming follow up once a patient has returned home is my goal.

Are you involved in other Women fly fishing groups?

I’m a member of Spokane Women On The Fly. I help with our monthly zoom meetings, enjoy meeting with other local women to fish, and this summer I did a few low key casting get togethers to meet new anglers and practice. I’m also member of our local Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited Chapter.

How has UWOTF Impacted your life/fly fishing community?

Prior to nursing school I had a really strong group of women friends. That dissipated after school and moving across the state. With fly fishing I have found that support again. I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with friends who will laugh and cry with you, explore and adventure beyond fishing. I’ve found a way to use my love of teaching with the education posts. Our local fly tying nights have fueled my crafty side and given me an outlet. Mostly, I’ve been able to become myself again.

Dry fly, nymph, euro, streamer, soft hackle, etc and why?

Soft hackle. However, spey casting is making a good run at the lead!

Favorite fishy podcast?

Favorite app?

OnX – GPS mapping tech for outdoor enthusiasts featuring land ownership maps that work offline.

your most useless skill is?

Organizing items by color. Clothes. Books. Fly tying materials.

What's Your real-life superpower?

Apparently it’s my laugh to snort ratio! The really good, tear welling, belly ache laughs get a snort. Which then sends us all into fits of laughter again!

My zombie apocalypse plan is?

Throw the cat in the car, load up as much food as possible, pack all the clothes, drive to our family lake cabin, and fish in peace with no cell service until I’m bitten.

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