J Michelle Swope

J. Michelle Swope

Conscious, Conservation and Guide J. Michelle Swope has been helping with United Women on the Fly since its creation. Nestled in the NW Corner of Washington, J. Michelle helps with the UWOTF Facebook Group and is our Military Contact. She is building her guide services, Oly Women on the Fly, and works to preserve and bolster runs of wild native fish for Native Fish Society.

Where are You From?

North end of the Hood Canal, in beautiful Western Washington.

What is your role with UWOTF?

J. Michelle helps as a Facebook Liaison and is the Military contact for United Women on the Fly.

What's your real job?

I currently work for a conservation non-profit trying to preserve and bolster runs of wild native fish for Native Fish Society.  

Oly Women on the Fly Guide Service – I love getting  folks onto the water and into fish, whether it be for an all-day hunt for the unicorn of fish (winter steelhead), Coastal Cutthroat from the beach, rainbow trout or salmon.    My goal is to make your day memorable, fun and an experience you will want to repeat!  If there is something specific you want to do, tell me!  With enough advance notice, I can craft the experience you are seeking.  I mainly guide on the Olympic Peninsula for winter steelhead, spring and summer finds me on the Yakima river or the Cowlitz river, and fall can be almost anywhere in Washington state fish are biting.  

I am a Trout Unlimited Certified business, and a member of the Olympic Peninsula Guide Association, Co-Chair of the Womens and Diversity Initiative for Trout Unlimited and an active board member of my local Olympia Trout Unlimited chapter, as well as the Washington State Trout Unlimited Council.   I am also an AFFTA member.

Growing up, I got into quite a bit of trouble for taking thread from my mom’s sewing kit (she had all the colors!) and shaving fur from the family dog (not a good idea).

Are you involved in another other Women fly fishing groups?

I belong to my local Trout Unlimited chapter, and am the Diversity/Women’s Initiative coordinator for that chapter.

How has UWOTF Impacted your life/fly fishing community?

OMG. How has it not? before I saw Heather Hodson present at my fly club meeting in Tacoma, I only knew of a couple women who fly fished too. Since meeting Hopper, and asking her if I could start a group patterned after Spokane Women on the Fly, my life has completely changed.
I’ve met so many other positive women who just want to fish, pee in the woods, and hang out…and I’ve been able to invite others to join this amazing community and watched them thrive as well.  It truly has been the best experience of my life.

Dry fly, nymph, euro, streamer, soft hackle, etc and why?

Dry fly, sure….but usually streamer or nymph, cause that is what Coastal Cutthroat and my beloved winter steelhead typically bite!

Favorite fishy podcast?

Gosh….River Rambler, Anchored, Barbless (OP edition)

Favorite app?

Toss up between Tides and and River Flows.net…both for Android.

your most useless skill is?

Serial Killer Knowledge. 

My real-life superpower is?

Asking great questions.

My zombie apocalypse plan is?

High ground and a cross bow 🙂

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J Michelle Swope

Advocacy Chair

J. Michelle (she/her)  was raised on the north end of the Hood Canal in Washington State.  Now living in the Olympia, the beautiful state’s capital with the best fishing dog in the world, Duncan.  She has her Masters in Behavioral Science, specializing in organizational development and leadership training.  Currently she owns and operates Oly Women on the Fly Guide Service.  J. Michelle can be found teaching fly tying and fly fishing 101’s around Western Washington and Oregon.