Julia Mitchell

Julia Mitchell

Candid, Coordinator and California.  As a corporate events producer, Julia volunteered to lead up the UWOTF Regional Fly Sister Program scheduled to launch in 2021. Julia’s mother introduced fly fishing to her. She’s been “hooked” ever since. A few of Julia’s likes are snappy comebacks, Moose Drool beer, silence, birthdays, a sarcastic dry wit, being open minded, self-awareness, naps, the smell of fresh laundry, spell check, calculators, laughing so hard you cry and a hot shower with a cold beer.

Where are You From?

I live in Northern California.

What is your role with UWOTF?

I’m United Women on the Fly (UWOTF) Regional Fly Sister Coordinator and general troublemaker.  I’m working with the UWOTF Team to create a regional ambassador program.  This program will have women from across the globe as contacts for fishing in their region.

Tell us about your day job?

I am a corporate events producer. If you ever go to a big conference and there’s a main general session my job is managing everything that goes into and happens in that room including all the gear, the presentations, the staging, the lighting, the audio, the videos, the presenters as well as managing the budget. I love what I do and can’t wait for live events to come back after we get the pandemic under control!

We’re now supporting virtual events and if you are in the market, please consider Textana Group.

Are you involved in other Women fly fishing groups?

I belong to Golden West Fly Fishing group as a member. I’d love to get younger women involved in the group! I’m also a volunteer with the Project Healing Waters group that helps veterans (not women only but there are woman vets!).

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Cheers to fishy friends!

How has UWOTF Impacted your life/fly fishing community?

I used to fish with my mom and when she decided it was time to hang up the waders I felt really alone in the sport. UWOTF has given me a community and safe place to share my passion for fishing. I love being a part of this community and it’s help me keep pushing forward to try new adventures.

Dry fly, nymph, euro, streamer, soft hackle, etc and why?

I love to dry fly fish– nothing beats seeing that fish rise up to your fly! I love slinging streamers and feeling like a VW bug just took off with your fly. I do a lot of nymphing because it works and I like catching fish.

Favorite fishy podcast?

The Barbless.co Fly Fishing podcast is a favorite because it’s almost always focused on local Norcal topics. Anchored with April Vokey is a good woman hosted one.

Favorite app?

NY Times crossword app- it’s my favorite escape

your most useless skill is?

Just one? I can palm a basketball which means I have freakishly large hands for someone 5’4″.

My real-life superpower is?

Remain calm in utter chaos. It’s the most important skill when it comes to my job. I can focus on what the options are, how we move forward and then implement the plan. That’s my secret sauce!

My zombie apocalypse plan is?

Well considering I had to google “what is a zombie apocalypse” I’d say my chances for survival are slim… But I think I’d hide out at my cabin- plenty of food and weapons already in storage. I did spend the first 3 months of the shelter in place during the beginning pandemic there!

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Feature - Julia Mitchell

Julia Mitchell

Northern california Liaison

Julia (she/her) started fly fishing in 1999 after her mother thought it’d be a fun adventure. They signed up for a women’s weekend trip with Rachel Connery (now Andras). After that they were “hooked.” Mother and daughter began taking fly fishing trips every year all around the west including MT, CO, UT, OR and of course many trips in their back yard in CA.

After her mom retired from fishing she needed to meet more anglers who shared her passion for fishing and fun! Julia has a home in the Bay Area as well as a cabin in Lewiston across from the Trinity river. She tries to spend as much time as possible on the water. 

UWOTF’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and fun on the water is incredibly important to her. In addition to being a mentor with The Mayfly Project, she recently co-founded the non-profit Rising to the Fly to break down economic barriers to make fly fishing accessible and inclusive to all women. 

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