Jennie Felkins

Jennie Felkins - UWOTF Liaison Quote Graphic

Jennie Felkins

California Liaison

Jennie Felkins (she/her) started fishing with her dad as a little girl. She became passionate about fly fishing spring of 2020 and now she wants to catch everything only on the fly. Jennie passionate about finding other ladies to fish with that had the same obsession as well as be a part of something bigger than herself. She wants to help build a community that encourages, inspires and mentors all ladies in this sport.

She wants any lady who looks at this group to see themselves somewhere within this group and feel invited and welcomed. Nothing makes her happier then when someone shares “I thought I was just going fishing, I didn’t know I was going to find myself.”

One of her favorite places to fish is a drive north on a dirt road and then stop at the pine tree with 5 branches, park and then hike east down hill to the 3rd rock on the right. You’ll see it! “Secret Spot!” If she’s not there then she’s in the Lake Almanor area or Belize. Her favorite fly is any fly she ties that catches a fish!! Fav freshwater – Halloween fly (her name for it!) 

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