Julia Mitchell

Feature - Julia Mitchell

Julia Mitchell

Northern california Liaison

Julia (she/her) started fly fishing in 1999 after her mother thought it’d be a fun adventure. They signed up for a women’s weekend trip with Rachel Connery (now Andras). After that they were “hooked.” Mother and daughter began taking fly fishing trips every year all around the west including MT, CO, UT, OR and of course many trips in their back yard in CA.

After her mom retired from fishing she needed to meet more anglers who shared her passion for fishing and fun! Julia has a home in the Bay Area as well as a cabin in Lewiston across from the Trinity river. She tries to spend as much time as possible on the water. 

UWOTF’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and fun on the water is incredibly important to her. In addition to being a mentor with The Mayfly Project, she recently co-founded the non-profit Rising to the Fly to break down economic barriers to make fly fishing accessible and inclusive to all women. 

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