How to Connect with a Cause

By: Meghan Barker
Not everyone’s advocacy looks the same. As individuals we have a lot of power in our solo voice. Learning more and becoming an advocate starts with voting and knowing who represents you at every level of government. 
Meghan Barker, Bristol Bay Organizer for Trout Unlimited, shares her tips for contacting decision-makers when it comes to advocating for fish and places you care about.  Meghan shows us exactly how easy it can be to write emails and call elected officials, and talked about how speaking up individually and collectively has led to major wins for the places you love to fish.  Since 2018, Meghan has worked on the campaign to stop the proposed Pebble mine, and now works towards advancing permanent protections for southwest Alaska. Outside of work, Meghan can be found running or skiing on Dena’ina Elnena in Anchorage, Alaska.

Video Timeline – 

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 0:31 – Meghan Barker – How to Connect with a Cause
  • 1:05 – Film “Everyone in Between”
  • 2:08 – Not Everyone’s Advocacy Looks the Same
  • 3:18 – Two Ways We Can Engage to Be Advocates
  • 4:40 – What Happens When You Click On the “Take Action” Button on an Organization Website
  • 6:49 – Individual Actions
  • 7:21 – How to Find Who Your Government Representative Is
  • 8:38 – When is the Best Time to Contact Elected Officials?
  • 11:46 – Things to Remember When Making a Phone Call to Your Elected Officials
  • 14:14 – Live Call to Senator Murkowski to Hear How Quick and Easy it Is to Leave a Message
  • 16:08 – What You Should Highlight When You are Leaving a Comment
  • 17:56 – Things to Remember When Writing an Email to Decision Makers
  • 19:16 – Sample Script for Email
  • 20:00 – Social Media
  • 20:39 – Go the Next Step and Organize!

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