Optimal Trout Water Temps

The optimal feeding and movement water temperatures for trout is 44 to 67 degrees. When the water temperature hits 68 degrees, both species will begin to get stressed. If the water temperature continues to rise and gets in the 75 to 77 degree range for an extended period, it can be lethal for Rainbow and Brown Trout.

Low Temps 38° – 45°

Winter time conditions.  Trout will be slow and feed less.  Trout metabolism and energy levels will be lower.  Fish the warmest parts of the day, keep trout in water to avoid freezing.

Optimal Temperatures – 45° – 58°

Oxygen Levels are highest in this range.  Trout will be actively seeking food and behave normally.  Prime Fishing Conditions.

Warm Temperature – 60° – 65°

Trout will be active as oxygen levels are still within safe ranges.  Play trout on heavier line, with quick releases, avoiding time out of the water to stress them less.  Sluggis trough should be held in faster cooler water when released.  Summer Conditions.  #giveyourfishadrink

High Temperatures – 65° – 72°

Fishing should be limited.  Recommend: Stop fishing at 68 degrees.  Trout will be sluggish and may belly up during release.  Further stressing trout can be fatal.  72 degrees and above can be fatal to trout species due to reduced oxygen levels.

Thank you to Yakima Headwaters Trout Unlimited for this diagram.

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