Smallmouth Bass Predation: Invitation to a Citizen Science Project

Liz grew up in Oregon and has been fishing since she was old enough to hold a rod. She currently works for Native Fish Society as a Northern Oregon coordinator. Liz has a bachelor’s degree in biology, a master’s in fisheries and aquatic sciences from the University of Washington and a PhD in river ecology from the University of Berlin in Germany. 

Liz is here to talk about a Community Citizen Science, a way to help collect data to find out the impact of bass predation on the salmonid population in Oregon. 

Invasive Species - Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass are an invasive species that have become common in many Pacific Northwest rivers. Smallmouth are known to prey on native fish and wildlife, but it is unclear how much of a threat they pose to native species. Participants must have a valid fishing license and follow all fishing regulations. Targeting bass at unusual times (when the water is a bit cooler) and/or higher in watersheds than you might expect, will produce the most scientifically interesting results. 

Be a part of the Citizen Science Project

This is a link to the smallmouth Citizen Science Project can be found at
It provides background info about the project for folks to read over, as well as a link to download the CitSci mobile app.

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