Spey Backing and Running Lines

Monofilament Running Lines –

  • Pros
    • Greater Shooting Distance
  • Cons
    • Less Dexterous, Especially in Cold Weather
    • Intermediate Spey Anglers
    • Line Memory

Textured/Braided Running Lines –

  • Pros
    • Improved Dexterity without Sacrificing Shooting Distance
    • Zero Line Memory
  • Cons
    • Absorbs Water
    • Cold Hands

Running Lines are a personal preference and some work better in certain air temperatures.  They are relatively inexpensive and it’s best to try a few out and see what you prefer.

As my Spey Casting has evolved I’ve now switched to a monofilament running line and can cast more distance without the line always slipping.  For my first couple years I was only comfortable with a coated running line.  Test out a few and see what you prefer.

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