Winter Dry Fly Fishing Tips

Winter Dry Fly Fishing Tips

Winter Dry Fly Fishing Tips
If you choose catch and release, a wet bare hand is best.

This week Heidi Lewis brings us tips on Dry Fly Fishing.

Move Slowly

Approach slowly. Fish are so spooky in the winter months. Like REALLY slowly.

Shallow and Slow

Look for fish in shallow-slower moving water. This water warms quicker in the winter and fish are less lethargic here. You often don’t have to be in more than up to your shins in the water!

Get Low

Kneel on your heels while casting or sit on a higher side bank to keep your appearance to minimum. The fish can see you!

Winter Dry Fly Long Leader

9’ 5x with + 2’ of 6x or 9’ 6x + 2-3’ additional 6x tippet.  The fly will land softer and you will be further from the fish.

Double Dry Rig

If you can’t see your fly try a double dry rig like you would a dry dropper set up. Bigger dry first followed by your tiny midge pattern.

Cast Downstream

Try and feed the fish from the top down. Cast your fly down stream and feed some line to the rising fish as you kneel or sit on the bank.

Avoid False Casts

Avoid false casts as much as possible.

Stop Rod Tip High

Before you let your line land on the water stop your rod tip high above the water and slowly lowering it down to finish your cast This will cause less disturbance on the surface.

Winter Fly Fishing Dry Fly Leader Diagram
Winter Fly Fishing Double Dry Leader Diagram

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