Angelica Talan

Angelaica Talan - UWOTF Leadership Team Feature

Angelica Talan

Community Outreach Coordinator

Angelica’s (she/her) passion for traditional fishing began at an early age.  It wasn’t until her twelve year old daughter Ella asked her to go fly fishing that she began fly-fishing and learning more about the sport.   Angelica is the founder of two successful lifestyle blogs.  She is a source for inspiration, covering everything from travel and fitness to parenting, attainable luxury and style, home decor and more.  

Angelica’s other passion is establishing connection and creating community.

Not having seen many women of color represented in the fly fishing world, Angelica is doing her part to change that.  “Growing up in a small town in Northwest Ohio, I was surrounded by people that didn’t look like me and subsequently feel like representation is essential to everyone.  Now more than ever, girls are influenced by so many social factors and shouldn’t feel under-represented in areas of interest.  Especially activities that are meant to be enjoyable and open to anyone.”

Angelica has been published in Dun MagazineArlington Magazine and has been featured on several Washington, D.C. television news channels as a regular correspondent and travel expert.
Angelica Talan is a mom, a wife, Washington, D.C. based blogger and new fly angler.  You can follow Angelica’s journeys in D.C. at or on Instagram at @angelicatalanIf you’re in the Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia area and would like to connect with Angelica, she can be reached at: