Angelica Talan

Angelica Talan

Mentor, Media and Mother. United Women on the Fly’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Social Media Liason. Angelica Talan’s  passion for fishing began as a young girl & she began fly fishing when her daughter, Ella, asked her to take her fishing. What sets her apart is her interest in truly connecting people to one another. She has a big heart and thrives on helping others seek the potential they have within them.

Where are You From?

I was born & raised in Ohio & now live in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Arlington, Virginia. with my husband and two children. 

What is your role with UWOTF?

I’m the DEI Liason for United Women On The Fly! Girls are influenced by so many social factors, now more than ever, and shouldn’t feel under-represented in areas of interest – especially activities that are meant to be enjoyable and open to anyone. I want everyone to see themselves represented in fly fishing, and I’d love to create more of a community where all women and young girls can feel welcome.

My voice is heard on the UWOTF Leadership Team and I will use this platform to amplify women of color (WOC) voices, knowledge and skills.

Let’s eradicate systemic racism. Start at home with your own family. Have those uncomfortable talks. They do make a difference.

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Do you have a non fly fishing job?

I’m a full time mother of two beautiful children & when we’re not fishing, I’m traveling the world & documenting my adventures as a travel influencer for my blog, Instagram  & freelance writer for fishing, travel & lifestyle publications. 

How has UWOTF Impacted your life/fly fishing community?

Through UWOTF, I’m now able to connect via our FB group in a way that helps me discover other anglers in my area and build a rapport with amazing women who are interested in sharing resources that is great for learning, connecting and encouraging others in a way that helps keep me motivated in a positive way. 

Waders aren’t super-stylish (which is actually something a lot of my non-fishing friends were surprised to see me wearing), but then again, fishing isn’t about fashion - it is about spending quality time with my loved ones in the great outdoors.

Angelica Talan Feature
Photo By: Albert Ting

Dry fly, nymph, euro, streamer, soft hackle, etc and why?

Dry fly & nymph because that is what I’ve learned so far. However, my daughter Ella and I just signed up for a fly tying class where we will be learning so much about each of these. I am beyond excited to learn how to tie. 

Favorite fishy podcast?

Anchored with April Vockey so far has been fun to listen to and learn.

Favorite app?

Instagram because it’s super happy & visually pretty, the engagement is positive & I feel a really empowering sense of community. 

Angelica Talan and Channing Tatum

Tell us something most don't know about you?

I studied acting at Atlantic Theater Company in New York City & have been featured in several motion films, national television commercials, national & local news & even reality television shows. This is one of my favorite photos: me with Channing Tatum after our performance together in the original movie “Step Up”. 

your most useless skill is?

I’m really good at guessing people’s age. I should have worked at a carnival.

My real-life superpower is?

Premonitional dreams. It’s true. There have been more than a dozen nocturnal dreams that have literally come true. Another is the ability to smell and identify obscure scents & fragrances. I have a database of fragrances from the 1980’s til today’s perfumes. lol

My zombie apocalypse plan is?

If you can’t beat them, join them…I’d be the first one to throw a party welcoming the zombies to the neighborhood. I’m prepared to be their hostess. 🙂

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