Tips to Organize Your Fly Box

March 2021 United Women on the Fly Monthly Meeting - Fly Box Organization
Save time, money and increase your fly pattern knowledge are just a few reasons to organize your fly boxes.   Join Elizabeth Simpson with Spokane Women on the Fly on Monday 4/5/21 at 5pm PST for a Fly Box Organization Presentation.  Zoom Meeting information listed above.

Why Organize?

  • Increased time spent fishing while on the water, no more opening multiple boxes and pucks stream side to find the fly you need
  • Save money! No more buying what you already have because you don’t know you have it!
  • Increase your fly pattern knowledge, as you organize, you’ll start to see patterns and similarities between flies.
Make sure to organize in a method that makes sense to you, and will work for you long term

Label Your Fly Boxes

LABEL your fly boxes! Name and phone number for that “river karma”, and the type of flies in the box.

Fly Box Organization Tips

Choose the right size fly box

  • There are giant streamer boxes, tall dry fly boxes, slim chironomid and nymph boxes and everything in between.
  • Don’t squash your dry fly hackle in a box that isn’t tall enough.
  • Use a streamer box with large spacing for those fluffy streamers!
Fly Box Height
Fly Box Height

keep similar flies together

Organize like flies next to each other in your fly box.

Fly Box Organization Tip - Refill Fly Boxes
Mayfly Life Cycle

Make Refill and overflow fly boxes

Make refill and overflow boxes to replenish lost flies or one that have seen better days.

Fly Box Organization Tip - Refill Fly Boxes
Fly Box Organization Tip - Refill Fly Boxes

Throw away old rusty flies

  • Create a dead/trash/burial row in a fly box of flies that have done their job and are ready to be tossed.
  • Go through your fly boxes in the early season, be ruthless about tossing ones that have seen better days and replace from your overflow stash!

Share the love

  • There are always flies that you just don’t use when you’re cleaning/organizing your flies in the spring.
  • Pass these flies along to a new angler or other group .

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