Saltwater Clothing

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Fashion meets function. Think about where you are fishing and the landscape colors. Use this information to your advantage since you have control of what you wear. The type of fishing will also help determine best options whether on boat, wading flats or on the beach. Try to blend in!

Pack Based on Type of Saltwater Fishing

Consider what type of saltwater fishing you will be doing?  This will help you pack the correct clothing and shoes.

  • Fishing from a Boat.
  • Walking the Flats
  • Walking the Beach
  • Combination

What's Up with UPF vs SPF?

  • Ultraviolet Protection Factor or UPF relates to how much UV radiation both UVA and UVB the fabric allows to reach your skin. Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation is 30 UPF or higher in clothing.
  • Sun Protection Factor or SPF details the amount of time it takes for your skin to be exposed and redden. The higher the SPF value the longer the protection.


Lots of options with quick dry materials. Think looser fit! 

  • Button up shirts.
  • Sun shirts with or without hoods.
  • Tank tops underneath for options.


Depending on type of fishing in or out of the water there are some things to consider with loose or fitted bottoms and sun exposure.

  • Pants
    • Quick dry and loose fitting. When wet, pants can be more cooling.
  • Leggings
    • Comfortable option offering flexibility with fun patterns. If walking long distances less chances of chafing.
  • Shorts/Skort
    • Great option but always bring some pants or a towel to cover up should the sun exposure be too great the entire day out.
Bring a Rain Jacket When Saltwater Fishing

Not Always Dry and Warm

Be prepared for all weather conditions!  In tropical areas temperatures can vary greatly

  • Rain gear
  • Puffy jacket

Gloves and Stripping Guards

Protect your hands AKA digits!          

  • Sun gloves with stripping fingers
  • Protective wraps


Hats!  You can never have too many and some are known to bring 10 or more!!!

  • Darker brims are better to remove glare

Protect Your Feet

  • Shoes
    • Flats shoes
    • Scuba boots
    • Sneakers/shoes with soles that are non-marking
    • Crocs
    • Flip flops
  • Socks
    • Compression socks help prevent swelling when travelling to and from your destination or at the end of each day.
    • Wading neoprene socks
    • Wool or cotton socks can be useful on the boat if the deck gets hot or bugs are a concern.
Support the Girls - Sports Bras with Saltwater Fishing

Sports Bra

Support the GIRLS!

  • Supportive sport bras or active wear swim tops will keep you more comfortable for a long day.
  • Adding Glide type products will help with any abrasions along bra band lines.

Waders or Swimwear

Depending on your location these items are optional.

Protect Your Lips

Don't Forget List! You will thank us!!

  • Lip protection with SPF
  • Sunscreen for body and face. Reef safe preferred.
  • Neck buff
  • Bug spray

Laundry Services

  • Most lodges offer laundry services. Check with your outfitter.  This will allow you to simplify your packing.
  • For 6 days of fishing, you could get away with 3 total outfits and rotate options.

Wash Your Gear

Taking care of your gear so it takes care of you!  Salt water is harsh on equipment and clothing. Make sure to rinse all gear and clothing with fresh water at the end of each day.

Final Thoughts and Packing Suggestions

  • Packing cubes are a great way to organize and pack your clothes and gear within limited space.
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing for the lodge in the evening.

Saltwater fishing offers new opportunities to explore amazing places, expand your skill set, and target new species!  Preparing yourself with the proper clothing can set you up for a more comfortable, safe, and great experience!!

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