Analiza Del Rosario- Featured Fly Girl

I wanted to capitalize on Heather’s 24hr adventure in LA and write about the awesomeness that is Analiza Del Rosario. As Heather said, “I’m reminded to strive to be an amazing human everyday like my friend Analiza.” And that is exactly who Analiza is, an amazing human.

I first met Analiza as a knots instructor at Fly Gals Weekend. She was just so friendly and hilarious that she put everyone at ease. We have been fishing and being loud on the water since then.

Analiza del Rosario burst into the fly fishing scene 6 years ago with great enthusiasm, positive energy and always wore her best outfit: her confidence! When she started fly fishing, it was hard to find women to go fishing. She fished with anyone willing to take her fishing. She traveled to many fly fishing clubs around Southern California to learn and meet fishing friends, but it wasn’t always easy because people would often give her the unwelcome look. She later found out that some women would only join the fly fishing clubs to find a rich husband and drop out once they hooked them. Upon hearing this, she just laughed it off, but it then made sense why she didn’t feel welcomed. She eventually proved that she was really a fly fishing addict.

She lives by her motto, “no bitching, just fishing! She’s not easily bothered by noise around her. She’s got the most contagious laugh that even the fish will want to join the party. Her ability to connect with people is a trait that she values most. She goes on as many trips with women whenever possible and takes many first timers, fishing the LA River and other parts of Southern California. For her, there’s nothing better than seeing someone land their first fish! Her passion for adventure and to see the world made her fall in love with fly fishing. It’s meditative and a refreshing escape from her busy schedule. She often says, “it’s not always about catching fish (that’s a bonus), it’s an adventure that makes lasting memories.” She compares it a lot with her marketing profession, it’s strategic, challenging, and rewarding. It’s addicting.

Analiza received her Bachelor’s degree from Pepperdine University. Her greatest strengths are her creativity, drive, and leadership.  She thrives on challenges, particularly those that can be measured. Analiza currently leads the US Marketing for Stemcyte, Inc., a cord blood therapeutics company that is dedicated to helping the world’s physicians save more lives. She is also the founder of Social Bella Fly Foundation, a non-profit that empowers alopecia children to be confident in their new skin and lead the efforts in preventing bullying. She’s the publisher of the Pasadena Casting Club Fish Tales Newsletter for almost 4 years. In her free time, she volunteers to provide free marketing services to the Rotary Club, WB Church, and many other local organizations.

She lives at the foot of the San Gabriel River in Azusa, California with her supportive husband, and are devoted parents to two amazing kids. Her goal is to use her experience to engage women through education, events, outings and outreach programs, until they fall in love with the sport, just like she did. You can easily reach her on Instagram @analiza_del_rosario, so if you’re down to fish, send her a DM.

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