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I’m not even sure where to start with this months Featured Fly Girl?  I met Lindy almost five years ago at one of the first Spokane Women on the Fly summer outings.  Lindy took a chance at meeting five strangers to go and fish in the backcountry of North Idaho and the rest truly is history!

First SWOTF Outing with Lindy

Since that July day, Lindy and I have become very close friends!  She is one of the kindest and giving souls that you’ll meet!  She has helped tremendously with Spokane Women on the Fly, is the mastermind behind organizing and executing the United Women on the Fly (UWOTF) Missouri River Weekend and has now taken over the UWOTF Weekly Featured Fly Girl.  All of this and she runs her own business Cowgirl Relics.

Lindy and her Dad

@lindyray01 is a born and raised Texan who grew up spending summers watching her dad try his hand at fly fishing on the streams of southwest Colorado.  It wasn’t until many years later and much to her chagrin, that she actually gave in to her dad’s persistent prodding and gave fly fishing a try, herself.  That first day spent on a high country creek with a fly rod in hand catching brookies by the hundreds was almost 15 years ago and is still one of her favorite memories.  Looking back, she had no idea how that trip would change the course of her life.

Lindy & David = Love – PC Bridget Mayfield

One month later, she headed back to that little stream in CO from TX with her husband, David, and the two have been “hooked” ever since.   So, in 2009, they decided to move to the Northwest where they could further pursue their love of fly fishing and the great outdoors on a year-round basis.  Now, a Washingtonian, Lindy enjoys spending as many days as she can on her home waters and neighboring rivers in MT and ID alongside hubby David or the wonderful ladies of Spokane Women on the Fly.

When Lindy first started down the path of fly fishing, she didn’t know a single other woman who fly fished for almost 7 years.  She still remembers vividly the day she stumbled upon the newly created Spokane Women on the Fly Facebook page and how she excitedly messaged its creator, Heather Hodson, about how she couldn’t believe she had finally found other women who fly fished.  Not long after, she recalls waking up at 4am to drive the 3+ hours to Spokane (she still lived further north back then) and then on to ID to attend her first Spokane Women on the Fly outing.  Even though it was a crazy long day and she didn’t get home until after 11pm, she is forever grateful for that adventure and the ladies she met that day.

Now, living in the Spokane area, Lindy is a familiar face at the SWOTF outings and activities.  She tries to share her knowledge and love of fly fishing with other ladies just starting out as often as she can; and volunteers behind the scenes to help with the group’s Instagram presence, UWOTF social media needs, and local outings/activities.

When not on the water, Lindy’s time is spent running her western lifestyle and jewelry business, @cowgirlrelics, and devoting time to photography and her 4 horses.  Lindy hopes to continue being involved with both SWOTF and UWOTF no matter where life’s path takes her.  What she loves most about these two communities are the connections and life long friendships that she has made as well as the amazing places she has been able to explore.  She can’t wait for the next adventure and looks forward to meeting many of you along the way.

Connect with Lindy on Instagram * Facebook * Cowgirl Relics Website.

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