Tips for Winter Trout Fishing

Tips for Winter Fishing

Tips for Winter Trout Fishing - Molly Semenik
If you choose catch and release, a wet bare hand is best.

This week Molly Semenik has given us 4 invaluable tips for trout fishing in the winter. Connect with Molly on her website at Tie the Knot Fly Fishing.

Dressing Safety

Stay safe, wade carefully winter is not the time to take chances.  Cinch your wader belt and use a staff if possible.  Dress in layers, take two sets of gloves, one pair will get wet. 

Trout's Metabolism

A Trout’s metabolism slows in the winter.  Keep the fight short, use a net to keep from handling the fish.  Slow is the way to go.

Where do Trout live in the winter?

Know where the trout live in the winter.  They can be in two types of water slow and deep or foamy pockets and seam lines when a hatch is in the making.  Know where the food is.  For example, midges and blue winged olives might be in slow moving foamy water along with the trout.   Deep pools will hold bait fish and nymphs down toward the bottom of the pool.  If stripping, slow your strip or even dead drift.

Small Fishing WIndow

Fish the warmest part of the day usually 11:00-1:00. 

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